Reaching out to Catholic/Christians Individuals/Families

The Morning Offering

To pray the Morning Offering as soon as we open our eyes, is a Power Packed Prayer :


O My Jesus,                                                                                                                               Through the Most Pure Heart of Mary,                                                                                           I offer Thee,                                                                                                                                         All My thoughts, Words, Actions, Pains, Joys and Sufferings of this day,                          For the intentions of Thy Divine Heart.                                                                                    And for intentions of the Pope for this month.

When we pray the morning offering, we are declaring that the Mother of Jesus Christ is Pure and we are also declaring that her is a channel through which we are offering up our entire selves to Jesus Christ – for His Intentions and the Intentions of the Pope for this month.

Through this very simple prayer, we are declaring that we are Catholic and that we love Jesus Christ and His Vicar – Pope Francis.  The Pope does have different intentions every month and the faithful are required to pray for.

If every Catholic prays this simple prayer every morning, we can be sure that we will be Catholic always and that we will never desert Jesus Christ nor His Vicar on earth.

If we pray this prayer, meaning every word, then we can be sure that Our Lives will go up like Fragrance to God the Father through Jesus Christ His Son and the Holy Spirit will be with us helping us to live our Day according to the Holy Will of God and by doing His Will, we are giving Him all the Glory, for we have been created to give God all the Glory.




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