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St Alphonsus Liguori-August 01

August 01: St. Alphonsus Liguori

Alphonsus was born near Naples, Italy, in 1732. He was a hard-working student. He received his degree in law and became a famous lawyer. A mistake he made in court convinced Alphonsus of what he had already thought: he should give up his law practice and become a priest. His father tried to persuade him not to do it. However, Alphonsus had made up his mind. He became a priest. His life was filled with activity. He preached and wrote books. He started a religious congregation called “Redemptorists.” Alphonsus offered wise spiritual direction and brought peace to people through the sacrament of Reconciliation. He also wrote hymns, played the organ and painted pictures.

St. Alphonsus wrote sixty books. This is incredible considering his many other responsibilities. He also was often sick. He had frequent headaches, but would hold something cold against his forehead and keep doing his work.

Although he was naturally inclined to be hasty, Alphonsus tried to control himself. He became so humble that when Pope Pius VI wanted to make him a bishop in 1798, he gently said “no.” When the pope’s messengers had come in person to tell him of the pope’s choice, they called Alphonsus “Most illustrious Lord.” Alphonsus said, “Please don’t call me that again. It would kill me.” The pope helped Alphonsus understand that he really wanted him to be a bishop. Alphonsus sent many preachers all over his diocese. The people needed to be reminded again of the love of God and the importance of their religion. Alphonsus told the priests to preach simple sermons. “I never preached a sermon that the simplest old woman in the church could not understand,” he said.

As he got older, St. Alphonsus suffered from illnesses. He had painful arthritis and became crippled. He grew deaf and almost blind. He also had disappointments and temptations. But he had great devotion to the Blessed Mother as we know from his famous book called the Glories of Mary. The trials were followed by great peace and joy and a holy death.

Alphonsus died in 1787 at the age of ninety-one. Pope Gregory XVI proclaimed him a saint in 1839. Pope Pius IX proclaimed him a Doctor of the Church in 1871.

Reflection: “With God, redemption abounds.”-St. Alphonsus

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July 17: St Leo IV

July 17: St. Leo IV

St. Leo lived in the ninth century. He was a Roman by birth and spent his life in that city. Leo was educated in the Benedictine monastery near St. Peter’s Basilica. He was ordained a priest and performed his ministry at St. John Lateran’s, a large, famous basilica. Leo was well-known and loved by two popes, Gregory IV who died in 844, and Sergius II who died in 847. The death of Pope Sergius II was to have an immediate effect on Leo. Rumors of a barbarian invasion of Saracens had Romans terrified. They did not want to be left without a pope. Neither did the cardinals. They quickly elected the successor to Sergius II. He is known to history as Leo IV.

As pope, Leo had the city walls repaired. The walls had been damaged the previous year by a Saracen attack. He beautified churches and brought many relics to Rome. He started a renewal program for the clergy. In fact, in 853 he called a synod for all Roman priests. He passed forty-two rules which helped priests live more fervent, prayerful and joy-filled lives.

A few bishops caused Leo great suffering because of their lives. They confronted the pope openly and would not change their ways. No matter how much Pope Leo was insulted, he remained just, patient and humble. He never let his troubles get the best of him. Leo kept giving his time and energy for Jesus and his Church. He loved the beautiful prayers of the liturgy and encouraged liturgical chant and music.

People loved St. Leo. Even during his lifetime, he was considered a miracle worker. It is said that he was responsible for stopping the terrible fire in the English quarter of Rome.

Pope Leo IV continued serving the Church with cheerfulness right up to the end of his life. He died on July 17, 855.

Reflection: “Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”—(Jn15: 13)

Holy Spirit Interactive: Catholic Saints: Saints for July.

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Our Heavenly Mission is to be Obedient to God’s Holy Will!

 Why do people run to church. Why do people on cold days and on very hot days, leave the comfort of their homes and come to church. Well, they know that Jesus Christ is the answer to their prayers and they come to church seeking Him. Let me tell you my dear people that Christ Jesus is the answer. No matter what be our problems or circumstances, Christ Jesus is our answer!
Jesus is Our God and there is no One like Him. He is Lord of all the earth.

Sometimes in our lives, we are not able to look left or right, through our circumstances Christ lifts up our heads, our hearts and our eyes to Him – only to worship Him in spirit and in truth. When, we in humility and in truth fall at the feet of Jesus Christ and worship Him in total surrender, He will come with all His power and He will visit us with countless and powerful blessings. He will dry our tears and He will gladden our hearts. Then our hearts would be so gladdened that we would just want to lie down and die with such happiness. To earnestly surrender our lives to Christ is to live in total happiness and to be willing to die to ourselves and to live for Christ and for others.

God can see the Good in every human being and His love will transform each one of us. We must believe in this Great Big God of Ours. Perfect love casts out all fear.
When we know that this great big God is for us, then we stand strong and firm because we know that Christ Jesus is for us and no evil can stand before us. Victory is in store for the upright. We must believe that a break through in on its way. We must not be afraid and we must stand firm and believe in God’s promises. We have all been annointed at our baptism and God has a special task for each one of us. So, we must be brave and forge ahead and do what God wants us to do. We must cry out to the Holy Spirit to give us the strength to do God’s Holy Will. He will give us the grace to open our mouths when we need to and He will give us the wisdom to silent when we need to. But we must be brave. We must stand strong and firm and believe in Christ Jesus because He is the only one who can help us to do God’s Holy Will. Sometimes God tells us to do certain things or to say certain things to people and to us it would seem ridiculous but He is God and He knows what He is telling us to do. We should be open to change. We should dig our heals in and stand firm and believe in what God is telling us to do. We need to pray and ask God to help us to do His Holy Will. Believe me my people, when He gives us a job to do, He will also give us the grace to do it. We must believe that Christ will never fail us. We must be ready to change and be brave to stand up for Christ and for His Plan in our lives.

We are all on our way to our Promised Land and that is Heaven. God will bring people into our lives and He will give us all that we need to make it to our Promised Land. We should have our spiritual eyes opened to recognise God’s plan in our lives. So it is always very important to pray for ourselves, our families, our friends, for our work colleagues, for our neighbour, our parish family, for our archdiocese, for the Vatican and for the whole world.

Intercessory Prayer for February 9, 2012:

  • Let us pray for Our Pope Benedict XVI,  all the Cardinals, Our Bishops, Our Priests and all religious all over the world.  Give them special blessings and give them all a fresh annointing to enable them to do your Holy Will with faith, boldness and courage.
  • Let us pray for all God’s people to be bold and brave and to accept God’s Holy Will even if it sounds ridiculous, hard, unbelievable because God knows the future and we only have to believe in Him. 
  • Let us pray for all of us when God pushes us out of our comfort zone to do His Holy Will, we must be brave and believe and follow His bidding.
  • Lord give us the grace to look and move forward as Soldiers of Christ.  We are the militant church here on earth.  Please strengthen us.
  • Lord bless our children and give them special graces to live their lives according to Your Holy Will.  Lord Jesus enlighten their minds and hearts.
  • Lord, we pray especially for our enemies and for those who wish us harm and evil.  Bless them Lord and may they follow you now and always.
  • Lord, we pray for those who misunderstand us.  We ask you Lord to bless them with special graces and we also ask you to bless us Lord and give us a heart of love for those who misunderstand us.
  • Last of all we pray for Fr Michael Kennedy who is being ordained later today as Bishop of Wagga  Wagga.  May he be the kind of bishop that you want Him to be.  May he place hmself at your feet and surrender himself totally and completely to you so that only Your Holy Will be done in his life.

We make all these prayers through Christ Our Lord, Amen.

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Intercessory Prayer

During this day, let us prayer for the following:
1. Let us pray for our dear Pope Benedict XVI, our
Cardinals, Bishops, Priests, all religious and all
lay people. Lord, hear our prayer.

2. Let us pray for our family members. May God bless
each family member with special blessings and

3. Let us pray for our parish family. May God bless
each parishioner with special blessings and graces
and keep our parish family united in Christ Jesus.

4. Let us pray for the whole Catholic Church that
Jesus Christ would live and reign in each baptised

5. Let us pray for the sick, especially for children
and the youth who are sick and who are led to
believe that there is no cure for them. May Christ
Jesus be their healer, be their friend and their

We make all these prayers through Christ our Lord, Amen.

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