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Hosanna by Florence D’Costa

Let us sing Hosanna to the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.

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Suffering – Can you Pray?

To those who are sick in hospitals, nursing homes, sick at home and in agonising and excruciating pain.  Is it possible for such people to praise and thank God.  For those who are suffering terrible and excruciating pain, it is highly impossible to be praising God during that time but your love for God is above all others, then your soul is in the Presence of God.  That is what is important.  Loving God all the time even without saying One Word out loud. There is one thing I would like to tell you all.  When you are suffering excruciating pain, and you know that you love God above all else then, I am sure that God is very much aware of how much you love Him and YOU CAN BE SURE THAT YOU ARE IN HIS EMBRACE.  Suffering, Happy, Sad, Laughing, Dancing, Crying, Smiling – whatever you may be doing – if you love God above all else, you can be sure that you will be FOREVER IN HIS EMBRACE and that is the safest place to be at all times.

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I Love You Lord

Our Lord Jesus Christ is constantly knocking on the door of our hearts.  He loved us unto death and rose again victoriously so that we might have Eternal Life.  What is our response to Him today?  Are we ready to open the door of our hearts and allow Him to dwell therein.  Are we ready to respond to His Love. If you have not responded to His love before,  He is inviting you again.  Just give Him a chance and you will find that God will never disappoint you.



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Praise, Worship and Thanksgiving Lyrics

Yes, God is good all the time and His blessings are limitless and endless.  In everything, Let us Give Thanks.

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Happy Easter to My Viewers!

My dear Viewers, I wish you and your families A Very Happy and Holy Easter. May the Risen Lord bless each one of you with countless blessings and draw you closer to Himself. He has given us new life. A life of Faith, Hope and Love.

John 3:16 says “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

Jesus Christ is victorious and we are victorious in Him. He has risen and filled our hearts with love, joy and peace. We, His people should now meet our neighbour and proclaim the good news. We should reach out to one another in love and kindness. We should be ready to encourage one another and help them in their difficulties.

We should pray more because prayer is communicating with God. We speak and then we listen to what the Lord has to say to us and live according to His Holy Word.


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Rejoice for God is in Control – He died so that we Might Have Life!

The 4th Sunday is  ‘Rejoice Sunday’ ,
meaning we will rejoice because God loves us with so much love that He sent His only Son to die for us so that we might have eternal life and live with Him forever. So great is His love because He wants us to be with Him for Eternity. Isn’t Our God great and His love so merciful. Yes, God is our lover. Just close your eyes for a moment and think. If we loved a person so much that we would send our only son to die for that particular person, so that they would be with us for eternity, forever. It is simply unthinkable, unimaginable.

What would be our response to this awesome and wonderful God. My response is that I cannot ever imagine that I could live without my God, without my Jesus. I am on my knees thanking God that His love for me is ever so great and awesome that He sent His Only Son to die for me so that I could be with Him in Eternity.  I am sorry that I am not able to contain my tears as I think of God’s Great Love for me – for each one of us.

Jesus, Son of God died for me so that I can have
Eternal Life. Worthy is the Lamb. Yes, Jesus Christ is worthy. Jesus sacrificed His life because He was the only living sacrifice that could attain for us Eternal Life.

We must follow Jesus Christ to get into heaven. Jesus Christ does not want anyone or anybody to perish. He wants everybody to attain Eternal Life.

My dear people, there is something that I want to tell you. There may be people who do not want to include you and they may be doing everything that is in their power to exclude you but believe me, my dear people, Christ Jesus is for you. He wants to include you. He is with you and He is silently working for your benefit but you must believe that He has your best interests. You must believe in the miracle working power of Christ Jesus.

How do you think that Christ Jesus is going to help you. Well, my dear people you must remember that Our Lord Jesus Christ is Lord of all. He is Lord of all the people who are trying to put you down.

  • It is important that you get down on your knees and pray. Have a conversation with your God. Talk to Him and listen to His reply.  Pray every morning a prayer of thanksgiving for the life that He has given you.
  • Thank Him for all the blessings that you have received.
  • When praying for favours, pray also for all people in the world who are requiring the same type of favours.
  • It is also very important to pray for those people whom you think are trying to exclude you.  Pray that God blesses them with His choicest blessings and love these people.
  • Forgive those who hurt you and forget what they have done to you.
  • Sing praises to God and surrender your life to Him.

It is also very important to know that if problems and difficulties come our way, we must realise that God has allowed this to happen to us.  If problems come our way, we must know and realise that God knows why He has allowed this to happen to us.  He knows that this problem will bring us one step closer to Him.  He would never give us problems that will keep us away from our destiny.  Everything He does, every problem that He allows our way, is only to bring us closer to Him, closer to our destiny.

So, my dear people in difficult situations, we must quit worrying about our problems and we must have our gaze on Him and trust that He knows exactly what is happening to us and that He is the One who is guiding us.

So, we must quit worrying and start rejoicing that the God who created us and who died for us, is the one who will never leave us nor forsake because He gave us His Only Son.  God always gives us a quality answer and we must believe that when God is in control, He will only do what is best for us.  We may not understand what is happening to us but if we believe in our Loving and Merciful God and allow Him to perform His Holy Will, we will have peace, joy and happiness in our hearts.  When we relax knowing that God is in control would allow God to perform miracles in our lives.

So, here’s to Our God, who is Great,  Loving,  Merciful, Kind, Gentle and a Miracle Performing God!

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Nothing is impossible for Those who believe in God!

Yes, my dear friends, nothing is impossible for those who believe in God. So, let us all shout to the Lord –
‘I Believe, I Believe, I Believe in You’. Yes, Our Lord Jesus Christ is worthy of our praise. There is no One Like our God. He alone is worthy! He is Our King!
Jesus Christ, the name above all names. Yes, the Love of Our Lord Jesus Christ is Greater than any other love. May the Name of Christ Jesus be lifted up.Let us all bow down and adore Our Lord and God. May we give Him all glory – May everything that we think, say and do give Him all the Glory.

Let us during this Lenten Season have our gaze on Christ Jesus. He suffered and died for each one of us. This afternoon I went to a friend’s house and she was building an additional garage, so she took me and showed me around the new building. We then walked into the garden and there was a large thorny bush which was bearing fruit. So,we were plucking the fruit and thorns
pierced my fingers so many times and it really did hurt.
During the Way of the Cross I was feeling the thorns piercing my fingers and I could imagine the excruciating that Christ felt when He was tortured and crown with thorns. If we keep the Suffering Christ in our minds during this Lent, we will surely be strong and brave to overcome all the odds and problems that come our way. This would strengthen us to be over-
comers and Nothing would be impossible for those who believe in a God – Our Lord Jesus Christ, who was so willing to empty himself and die for each one of us. Through His death He has taught us to be overcomers. When we believe in Him, impossible things become possible because of our faith in Him.

We must start declaring that the Gracious Hand of God will save us. We must all the time brag on God’s favour, then the more we will receive God’s favour. God’s gracious hand is on each one of us. We always think that other people have more talent, more money, more beauty, more everything and we become despondent. Even if people are against us and if they are trying to push us down, we must believe that God’s gracious hand is on us. If we believe thus, we are then Overcomers and we can very confidently say that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR THOSE WHO BELIEVE IN GOD!

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God’s Love is Free!

Sometimes Life deals us a blow and we are stunned and then we ask ourselves, “Why me, Lord?” “Why did you choose me to suffer thus?” We then begin to question God’s love for us. We think to ourselves that we have been so faithful to God and we are not able to understand why God has allowed a tragedy into our lives.  A tragedy could be as follows :

  • The loss of a loved one.
  • Great Financial Loss in a business.
  • Shocking and sad news when the Doctor tells either a family member, or our friend or even us that we have a disease or sickness that is incurable or that we cannot have a baby.
  • Maybe when we suddenly feel lonely and deserted and think that there is nobody in this world who cares for us.

Each individual or family at sometime or the other faces tragedies in their lives.  For each individual or families, tragedies vary and are different.  The question now is, how do we behave when we are confronted with tragedies. 

  • Do we give in to our sorrow and have a ‘Pity Party?’
  • Do we take to drinking and getting drunk.
  • Do we rebel against God?
  • Do we indulge in food?
  • Do we become housebound – Meaning afraid to leave our homes and afraid to meet people?
  • Do we stop praying and believing in a Great and Loving God?

I can go on and on.  As you read this article, you will know the situation you are in or maybe a family member or a friend or an acquaintance?

My dear people, I think it is time that we get down on our knees and pray to this Wonderful and Awesome God, who created us because His love for us is so great.  A God who sent His only begotten son to die for each one of us so that we would have new and everlasting life.

Lent is a Season for us to spend sometime to think of all our blessings and to thank God for every single blessing that He has given us so freely.  We do not have to pay for His blessings.  He has given blessings to us freely.  We must pray constantly and rejoice that we have a Great Big God like Our God and that there is no other like Him.  We must sing and dance and praise God.m  When we are happy in God’s presence, He will give us the strength and courage to handle problems, worries and tragedies that come our way.

Everything that we have does not belong to us.  God has lent everything that we have.  So, when it is time for God to take away from us, things that belongs to Him but that which He has only lent us, who are we to question Him.

So, my dear people, let us enjoy all the things that God has so generously given us.  From this m0ment on, let us make a decision to be kind and generous to those whom we work with, live with – our neighbours, our relatives, our friends, our parishioners etc.  When we open our mouths to speak, may we be gentle with our words and actions.  May we do unto people what we would like done to ourselves.

I think, it is time for each one of us to spend some quiet time in front of the Blessed Sacrament and pray that Christ Jesus will make us kind people.  That Christ would transform us during this Lent so that we would be Christlike.  Before we wound or humilate anybody, may we stop and think, ‘What would Christ do in this situation?  I would like to remind you that it is always very important before we do anything, it is always good to think, ‘What would Christ Jesus do in this situation?’

Now that we have meditated for a while. What do you think Christ Jesus is telling? Have a book or a diary and write down the messages that Christ Jesus is giving you. It is good to record these messages.

This is what Christ Jesus is telling me:

‘My dear Florence, I love you very, very much. Your smile warms my heart. When I see you on your knees in prayer, especially when you are in church, I come to your side and I sit beside you and I hold you in my arms. I whisper in your ear that I love you and when I look into your heart, I can see your great love for me, my Heavenly Father and the Holy Spirit and I am pleased.
Continue to love me, my child and continue to love those around you and your enemies as well. When I look into your heart, I see so much of love for your enemies and for those who hurt you and this love of yours is like a balm for the wounds that I got during my passion. Continue to love all those around you with the Love of My Father which He has so generously poured into your heart. You are rich because of the love we have poured into your heart. Give Our love generously to those around you, because they need it and we will replenish you with Our Love.”

I am so happy to hear Christ Jesus speak so lovingly to me. I many times wonder, what did I do, to deserve Christ’s love. Well, I have done nothing to deserve His love. His love is free.

If you want to continue to meditate on God’s Love, I invite you to do so now.

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God is Good! He is Good all the Time!

Well, my friends these past weeks I have received wonderful news on two occasions and I am rejoicing and thanking God for being so awesome.

I am sure that you my friends would also be experiencing God’s blessings in your life. God knows how to bless and we should have big hands of faith to receive His blessings. It is very important for us to become selfless. Only then our blessings would increase and multiply. We must not always expect blessings for us alone. We should always look at the bigger picture and see God’s blessings around us. When others are blessed we must be happy and feel blessed ourselves as well.

Yes, Our God is Greater and He is higher and He is Good all the time! Our God is Holy and there is none like Him. Yes, He is higher and we must lift Him higher with our Praise and Thanksgiving.

It is very important for us to look for goodness in those around us. Believe me my friends, when we look at those around us, we will definitely find goodness because God is present everywhere. If we look to the Heavens, He is there. If we look deep down in the ocean, He is there. If we look to the East and to the West, to the North and to the South, God is present. He is present in every nook and corner. God is everywhere and hence His goodness is everywhere. How blessed are we? Yet at most time it is very difficult for us to see God’s Goodness everywhere.

When we are aware of God and His goodness near us and everywhere, we become strong and confident. We must surrender ourselves to Our Awesome God and allow Him to do His Holy Will in our lives. When we surrender to His Holy Will, God’s Goodness overshadows us and we come into God’s Holy Presence. When we are in His Holy Presence, we then absorb His Goodness and we received His countless blessings not only for us but for our families, our friends, our neighbours, for our parishes and for the whole wide world.

What do you think we do when we are in His Presence. I will tell you what I do when I am in His Presence. I become jelly. I just want to lie flat on my face and worship God in total humility. We are but grains of sand when compared to Our Great Big God who is Goodness itself. All I can do when I am on face before my God is to enjoy His Presence, enjoy His Peace and Love.

God is all caring and all loving. He wants us to be happy all the time but He wants us to be in His Holy Presence all the time. No matter what we are doing, it is very important that we do it in His Presence.

Have you heard people saying – ‘Why are you bringing Jesus Christ into this conversation – Just leave Him out of this conversation.’ I am always surprised and shocked when I hear people talk thus. We need to bring Christ Jesus into every conversation, into every gathering, into every family, into every neighbourhood
hood, into our parishes, our country and the whole wide world. Our entire world needs to be 24 x 7 in God’s presence. Spread the word around my dear friends about how important it is for the whole wide world to be in God’s presence 24 x7.

I leave you to think about what I have written. Please do give it deep thought. See how you can bring God into your homes, streets, Malls, parishes, your country and the whole wide world. Think! Think! and pray my dear friends and God will talk to you in your heart and He will teach you.

  • It is very important for you to know and always remember that each one of us is a Temple of the Holy Spirit.
  • We have this Great Big God who is backing us.
  • David won the battle against Golaith.  His only weapon was a sling and ofcourse he had God’s favour.

I do not think we need anything else.  If we have God’s favour, we have everything.  So my dear friends – Be Happy and make others happy!

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Christ is the Annointed One

Yes, ny dear people, Christ is the Annointed One. He is the Son of God. He came down to the earth to teach us to be happy while we are journeying to our Heavenly Kingdom. Christ Jesus emptied Himself of all His Glory and Majesty and He came down to the earth to save His people.

For those people out there who are worried because of problems either big or small – whether it is financial problems or health. Maybe some of you are lonely and sick. Maybe some of you are living in fear and anxiety.
My dear people, whatever be your problems, Christ Jesus said, ‘Be not afraid, for I am with you until the end of time.’ Christ Jesus is ensuring you that He is with you and nobody can harm you in anyway if you trust in Him totally and completely.

We need to get down on our knees and worship this great big God of Ours. He is all powerful and majestic because He is the Son of God and because He was obedient unto death. He was lashed and beaten. He was crowned with thorns. He was mocked at and laughed at. Imagine the Son of God, the Annointed One being ridiculed and tortured and finally He was crucified on the Cross. He died but He rose again on the third day and Satan was defeated.

My dear people, take out your bible and ready Psalm 23, Psalm 91 and read other psalms that would give you strength and comfort. Also read psalms of praise. Let us praise Our God who was ready to lay down His life for His friends and enemies – for the entire world.

Let us rejoice and sing for we have been saved by Our God, Our Lord Jesus Christ. Sorrow has no place in our hearts – Love, Joy and Peace take over our minds and hearts. We must jump and sing praises to our God because there is none like Him. He is Glorious in Majesty and He reigns.

At our baptism, we were also annointed to do God’s Holy Will on this earth. Each one of us have been given a mission. We need to pray and ask God and He will reveal to us His mission.

As I am writing this article, I can see Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I can see Him standing in a desert. The wind is blowing in His hair and dust and sand is flying all around. I can see that His eyes are blue and He is looking into the distance. Jesus Christ has a message for you and for me. He says that some of us are still in the desert. He says that being in the desert is very hard and very difficult. He says, ‘Follow me and I will lead you all to the Oasis.’
You can come and refresh yourselves with me. Come and let us have some rest near cool and restful waters.’ I know that you are thirsty and hungry. Come to me and I will give you rest. I will give you food that will refresh and revive you. Stay close to me and there will be nothing to fear. I am your Lord, He says and I will sustain you during your difficult days on this earth.

Christ Jesus says, Read your bibles, meditate of my words – on words that will give you comfort. Try and attend daily Mass, receive me in Holy Communion and I will shelter you in my Most Sacred Heart. Come and rest in my arms and I will comfort you. Recite the rosary and meditate on the mysteries and my Mother Mary will send angels to protect you from any harm or evil. She is my mother and she protected and cared for me when I was a human being and when I was little. Love my Mother Mary and she will pray for you always and God will send abundant blessings into your family and into your lives. My suggestion is if anybody needs special blessings, go to a priest if one is available and ask him to bless you with Holy Water and to pray for you.

For any of you who are disturbed in any way, go and sit beside Christ Jesus near the Oasis and you will find comfort like you have been comforted before. You will find protection, like you have never experienced before.

My dear people, Jesus Christ is the Answer. Trust in Him and He will never desert you. Sing praises to Our God for His Love never ends. The Lord is standing with His arms wide open. Come my dear friends and run into His arms where you will find solace, comfort, joy, love, forgiveness, peace, blessings etc. My friend, this is where you belong. Each one of us belong with Christ Jesus!

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