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Yes, Do not communicate with Satan – He is a liar, a rogue and a thief

Pope Francis Shares Jesus’ Warning in Sermon on Hell and Satan

Pope Francis Shares Jesus’ Warning in Sermon on Hell and Satan


I am sharing Pope Francis’ video warning us, the Faithful not to speak with Satan.  It is important for us to be aware that he is our enemy and he is waiting to devour us and to lead us down the EVIL PATH.  My experience is to look at Jesus Christ all the time, be in His presence, stay at His side and no harm will ever come to you.  If we begin to communicate with Satan, he will lie to us, cheat us and then as Pope Francis says, we will find ourselves all messed up and in big trouble. Let us be with Christ Jesus – Be in his embrace where we will be safe and protected.  When we are in His Presence, the enemy cannot come anywhere near us.  He then is a LOST CREATURE, like a lion with no teeth because Jesus Christ is the Lion of Judah and Satan lost his battle with Christ.  Jesus Christ is the Victor.  He is Our Lord and Saviour, Our Redeemer and Friend.  Stay close to Christ Jesus and He will fight our battles with Satan.


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Pope Francis Makes Private Visit to Sistine Chapel on Anniversary of His Baptism

Pope Makes Private Visit to Sistine Chapel

Christmas Visit Fell on Anniversary of His Baptism

Vatican City, December 31, 2014 ( Deborah Castellano Lubov | 2990 hits

Pope Francis made a private visit to the Sistine Chapel on Christmas Day.

The Holy Father visited the chapel alone to not only enjoy the new lighting recently installed, but also to have a few moments of prayer, reported the Sismografo.

In addition to being Christmas Day, Dec. 25 was a special day for Francis for another reason: it was the anniversary of his Baptism.

He mentioned this recently, on a Dec. 14 visit to a Roman parish, where he spoke to a group of families with recently baptised children:

“I should be somewhat curious to ask a question, but I won’t do so … Or I will do so, but I won’t ask for an answer … How many of you know the day of your Baptism? No, don’t say anything, don’t say anything … However, if you don’t know it, go find out: call your aunt, your mother, your godmother: “When was I baptised?” Because it is a feast day, that is, it is the day that we encountered Jesus for the first time. This is a task for the home.

“When was I baptised? And this is beautiful, it’s beautiful! I was baptised, precisely, on Christmas Day! Eight days after my birth, in fact on that day, because at that time it was the custom – at least in Argentina – to baptise children eight days after their birth. Remember this always. I pray for you. May you have joy, joy with these children, joy in the home, joy in hope, so much joy. And I give you my blessing.”


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My Comments:

Our Pope Francis visited the Sistine Chapel on the anniversary of his Baptism Day.  Why is our baptism day important.  It is important because that is the Day when we became CHILDREN OF THE MOST HIGH GOD.  WE WERE BORN AGAIN.  BORN OF THE SPIRIT. THE DAY WE RECEIVED A SEAL OF THE HOLY SPIRIT ON OUR SOUL (Meaning THIS SOUL BELONGS TO ME AND IT IS VERY PRECIOUS TO ME).  How amazing to belong to the Most High God.  When we begin to think deeply, we will realise that there is NO ONE WHO CAN CLAIM THAT THEY ARE GREATER THAN GOD. GOD CREATED THE UNIVERSE.
God created the Universe through His Word and each one of us WHEN WE DIE, we turn to DUST but our SOUL goes to whomsoever we willingly choose to follow – JESUS CHRIST (GOD) OR  LUCIFER (THE DEVIL).

Most human beings celebrate their birthday every year. Now, we Catholics/Christians could also make a note of Our Baptism Day and celebrate this day as well.  It is important to remember that there is great celebration in Heaven when a baby is baptised because we are then welcomed into Heaven and our names are written in THE BOOK OF LIFE.  We as children of God are very precious to our Creator.  It is important for us to appreciate that GOD IS OUR FATHER and that now JESUS CHRIST becomes our Brother and that the HOLY SPIRIT begins to dwell in our hearts.

I do have some tips for PARENTS.  Parents, it is necessary to teach your children well.  Parents are God’s representatives on earth.  If your children respect you, then they will Love and Respect God.
Those children who love their earthly Fathers, will surely Love Our Heavenly Father.

If when I was young, I learnt that my earthly father was the President of the United States, I would consider myself as a very important child. To be a child of the Most High God who has no one above him, for every one has been created by God, I would really consider myself to be VERY PRECIOUS and I would try to remind myself everyday during prayer that I AM SO BLESSED TO BE CALLED GOD’S CHILD. To celebrate the Anniversary of Our Baptism Day, is only a beginning because when we honour God, He is sure to honour us.

As the days go by, Jesus Christ, our brother and Saviour would journey with us with the help of the Holy Spirit and He would teach us and help us to have a deeper relationship with God, His Father.


SO, HOW ABOUT YOU?  WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS? THINK? DO YOU HAVE ANY DOUBTS AND QUESTIONS?  Talk to your elders in your family, to your priests and your pastors.  Talk to Catechists and they will help you……….

You can now watch the Baptism of Jesus Christ, the Son of God who knew no sin.




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