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Are we Playing God? Is Capital Punishment Necessary?

Are we playing God?  God is Our Creator.  He created each one of us and the He placed a Soul in our Inner Being where He dwells.  There are many people who do not have a close relationship with God.  There are many Christians and those of other religions including atheists who have somehow become criminals and are imprisoned.

Prisons are highly protected places, where prisoners are held.  They lose their freedom and they are kept in for a period of time according to their crime.  There are some countries who still have the death penalty.  Many prisoners get life imprisonment according crime.

Indonesia still have the death penalty for Drug Traffickers.  Andrew Chan and Sukumaran are two Australians who were caught in Indonesia for Drug Trafficking and are now condemned to die along with other prisoners.  Their lawyers are still fighting their case and we do not know what the outcome would be but THE TIME HAS COME NOW FOR US TO PRAY THAT THE DEATH PENALTY SHOULD BE SCRAPPED.

Blessed are the Merciful for they shall receive Mercy

In Indonesia, some prisoners are rehabilitated and then they are condemned to die.  Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukuraman were rehabilitated in prison and then they in turn have began rehabilitation programs for their prison inmates.

God is our creator and He sent His only Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ to die for us, so that we may live.  God is Merciful and He is calling each one of us to be merciful as well.  So,  now the time has come for each one of us to be merciful to each other.  Let us begin to pray that the DEATH PENALTY ALL AROUND THE WORLD WOULD BE SCRAPPED AND LET US ALSO PRAY THAT IF PRISONERS ARE REALLY AND TRULY SORRY FOR THEIR SINS AND MISTAKES AND HAVE DECIDED TO LIVE A CLEAN LIFE, THEN THEY SHOULD BE AFTER A PERIOD OF TIME, SET FREE – BE ON PAROLE.  THESE ARE PRISON TERMS.

God of Mercy and Compassion.

Let us all examine ourselves during this Lenten Season and see in what ways have we failed TO BE MERCIFUL and TRY TO BE MERCIFUL FOR THE REST OF THE SEASON.



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Myuran Sukumaran and his Art and Educational

We are all aware that drug trafficking is very wrong but when we see a young man who has repented of his wrong doings and who has changed his way of living, we as a people of Australia and the world must plead for his life to be spared.

A young man who we are sure, if his life is spared, would become a PERSON WHO WOULD SACRIFICE HIS LIFE FOR HIS INMATES AND FOR THE PEOPLE OF INDONESIA.

SUCH GREAT TALENT should not be wasted by EXECUTION.

My opinion is that if all prisoners reform their lives and become useful to their inmates and to the country in which they are imprisoned, the prisons will become a better place.

We pray O Lord Jesus Christ to save people who are on drugs and to open more Drug Rehabilitation Centres.  Give people the grace to WALK AWAY FROM DRUGS. Amen!

All countries all over the world including, Indonesia and Australia should teach children in high school (State schools, catholic schools and Private schools), Colleges, Universities and work places etc about the danger of drugs.



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St Elizabeth of Portugal – July 4, 2012

St. Elizabeth of Portugal

Feast Day: July 04
Born: 1271 :: Died:1336

Elizabeth was a Spanish princess and the daughter of Constantia and King Pedro III of Aragon. She was named after her great-aunt St. Elizabeth of Hungary. Elizabeth was beautiful and very lovable. She was well brought up and went to Mass every day.When she was just twelve, she married King Denis of Portugal. So she became Queen Elizabeth of Portugal when she was not even a teenager. She was a charming wife and her husband was fond of her at first, but soon he began to cause her great suffering.Though a good ruler, he did not have his wife’s love of prayer and virtue. In fact, his sins of impurity were a disgrace and well-known throughout his kingdom.St. Elizabeth tried to be a loving mother to her children, Prince Alphonso and Princess Constance. She was also generous and loving with the people of Portugal and spent time helping the sick and the poor.Even though her husband was unfaithful, she prayed that God would change his heart. Elizabeth trusted God and refused to become bitter and angry. She strengthened her own prayer life and followed the Franciscan spirituality.A little by little, the king was moved by her patience and good example. He began to live better. He apologized to his wife and showed her greater respect. In his last sickness the queen never left his side, except for Mass. King Denis died on January 6, 1325.He was very sorry for his sins and his death was peaceful. This gentle woman was also a peacemaker between members of her own family and between nations. She rode out into the battlefield and was able to prevent war on two occasions.

After the king died Elizabeth gave her wealth to the poor and joined the lay Franciscan order. There she started the monastery of the Poor Clares, living a life of poverty, performing loving acts of charity and penance. She was a wonderful model of kindness toward the poor.

St. Elizabeth of Portugal died on July 4, 1336 of a fever. After her death, many miracles took place at her tomb.

Reflection: “If you love peace, all will be well.’ St Elizabeth… 


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“The Pope’s birthday will be a family celebration” 14th April, 2012 – Vatican Insider

The Pope’s Secretary, Mgr. Gaenswein, has revealed that there will be no solemn celebration on the occasion of the Pope’s 85th birthday on Monday. Instead it will be a “very Bavarian” day
vatican insider staff
“There will be no solemn celebrations in the Vatican for the Pope’s birthday. Instead, it will be a family celebration. “I do not want any big celebrations please,” the Pope himself said to us collaborators.” This was revealed exclusively to Italian weekly magazine Gente on sale 16 April, by Mgr. Georg Gaenswein, Benedict XVI’s private secretary. On 16 April the Pope will celebrate his 85th birthday and three days later, on 19 April, he will begin his eighth year as Peter’s successor.

“16 April is a Monday, a normal working day and he never interrupts his daily routine. It will however be a very Bavarian day,” Mgr. Gaenswein added. The Pope dedicated his book Benedict XVI – Famous figures write about the Pope – in which twenty VIP’s give personal descriptions of the Pope – to Mgr. Gaenswein.

Fr. Georg also revealed a few little secrets about life with the Pope, a fellow countryman: “He is a Pope who reflects on the meaning of his words. His simplicity, sincerity and courage have often been misunderstood. Perhaps because he is not afraid to call a mistake by its name. But he has always shown sensitivity and respect in his day-to-day relations with others. Including me. He has never said to me: “That’s not right: you are wrong.” Instead he says: “This could be done like this or like that.” Though the essence of these criticisms is serious, they are expressed in a delicate and seraphic manner.”

According to his secretary, Benedict XVI does not appear to be concerned by the image the media paint of him, a picture of a cold and conservative question: “This image is mostly a distorted one. But he learnt to deal with criticism. He knows how to place and accept them. He is able to distinguish news pieces and their contexts. Public opinion, the press and television are important and must be taken into consideration. But they often have no influence on the Vatican.”

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02/16/2012 Wednesday 22 February

Ash Wednesday: Benedict XVI to visit Roman churches and basilicas

On the first day of Lent, the Pope will visit the Basilica of St. Sabina for the celebration of the Blessing and Imposition of the Ashes and the Roman Station Liturgy and Penitential Procession. Benedict XVI will hold a Mass in St. Anselm’s Church in Rome. Benedict XVI will then lead the procession on to the Basilica of St. Sabina, where Mass will be celebrated and the Blessing and Imposition of the Ashes will take place. Cardinals, archbishops, bishops, Benedictine monks from St. Anselm’s and the Dominican Fathers of St. Sabina will all be participating in the procession and the mass.


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