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Psalm 23 by Florence D’Costa

Psalm 23   A psalm of David.

The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing.  He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters,
    he refreshes my soul. He guides me along the right paths for his name’s sake.Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me. You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows Surely your goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

My views:  David was shepherd before he became king.  He knew what is was to be a shepherd.  He would do anything to protect his sheep.  He once killed a lion and a bear, bare handed to protect his sheep. He killed animals that were stronger than him. So, he calls the Lord his shepherd and he knows for sure that God would protect him and that he lacked nothing. He knew that the Lord would take great care of him.  David continues… He says that the Lord would make him lie down in green pastures and lead him near quiet waters. , meaning that he would not be in want for anything and the Lord would refresh his soul.  He knows that a shepherd would guard and protect his sheep, both during the day and night.  For sure David knew that the Lord God would protect him from evil, darkness and from his enemies.  He says that God prepares a table for him in front of his enemies and he wants for nothing.  David was king and his head was annointed and he has everything.  He is assured that God is goodness and mercy and love and would follow him for the rest of his life and that one day he will dwell in the house of the Lord forever – meaning heaven.

This is a beautiful psalm and we can apply it to our lives.  If God is our shepherd,. we would enjoy all these things that David enjoyed through his great faith in God.  If we had faith like David, we also would want for nothing.  God would be our protector, our provider, our guide, he would refresh our soul and help us to walk the straight and narrow path.  He would annoint our heads with oil and give us grace to be God’s children.  He would prepare a banquet for us in front of our enemies and our enemies would know that God is our Host.  We can also be assured that God’s goodness, mercy and love and will follow us for the rest of our lives and that one day, we will dwell in the Lord’s House forever.  IT WOULD BE GOOD TO MEDITATE ON THIS PSALM AND SEE WHAT THE LORD IS SAYING TO YOU.

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Showers of Blessings by Florence D’Costa

When either, we, our families, our church or our country face huge problems, we must believe that Christ lives and that He knows exactly what we are going through, WE MUST PRAY WITH FAITH and we will get answers.

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Unforgiveness by Florence D’Costa

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God places His DREAMS in your Heart!

Are you aware that God places DREAMS in your heart?  There are times that each one of us try our very best to make our dreams come true.  We try this and we try that and most often we bang our heads on Walls that block us from becoming our best.  My experience is that there is a time and place for our dreams to be fulfilled.

So, it is important for us to do what we need to do and then WAIT on Our Lord Jesus Christ to make our dreams come true!  God sees what is our hearts and when he sees that we are doing all we can to Glorify God, you can be absolutely sure that he would move every Wall and every block that is in front of us and we will then become ACHIEVERS FOR CHRIST!

Everytime, I walk into a Wall, I feel so disheartened and I try to break the wall but it simply DOES NOT BREAK.  So, now I wait for CHRIST, my Redeemer to break these walls and to remove blocks in my path.  At the appointed time, he sends his angels to break walls and to remove blocks that are in my path and he makes all the arrangements for me to do what I am APPOINTED TO DO – and then it will all happen.

I would like to add here that The Most High God is on our side.  We need to connect with our Creator and if he is on our side, then who can be against us?  We have to do our part and keep our faith stirred up.  It is not too late to become all we have been created to be.  God is moved by our faith and he will use our faith to make it come about.

I believe that God is still working on me.  I am being trained by the Teacher of all Teachers – by Christ Himself. Wow!
In case you might have forgotten, I would like to remind you of a God who takes care of the Lillies and the Sparrows through this wonderful song ‘Consider the Lilies” – Joel Hemphill – The Hemphills.

A friend of mine asked me a honest question – What would you do if your dreams came true?

My honest Answer – I would put Christ on a Pedestal for the World to see and I would give him all the glory.

So, my dear people, MY DREAM IS TO RAISE CHRIST HIGH AND TO GIVE GOD ALL THE GLORY!  Now, what do I mean by putting God high on a Pedestal.  This means that God would be so high that all who are in trouble would be able to see him and hear him and their faith in God would be restored and then, they will ALSO able to ACCOMPLISH THEIR DREAM THAT CHRIST PUTS IN THEIR HEARTS.  WOW! NO JEALOUSY HERE.  WE ARE NOTHING BUT GOD IS EVERYTHING AND WITH HIM ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.


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Yes, God’s Love Endures Forever

His Loves Endures Forever by Chris Tomlin

Article – by Florence D’Costa
For those of you out there who are feeling low – feeling let down for some reason or the other, especially you Catholics and Christians, – the baptised -this is a reminder that God is Love and Yes, His love endures forever. Why do you go through so much of suffering and doubt.  Think back to the times when miracles did happen in your lives and cry out to God – Ask Him to renew your faith and believe me. He will.  He is always near and because He is Love – the greatest love – run to him and stay in His Loving Embrace.  This is the place where all of need to be in – This is where healing takes place – This is where He purifies us.  Alleluia! Alleulia! Praise You Jesus Christ – Thank you Jesus Christ –  We love you Jesus Christ.

Important thing to remember – God’s Love is called Agape we cannot hide from His Love, for His Love has no boundaries.




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Are we Playing God? Is Capital Punishment Necessary?

Are we playing God?  God is Our Creator.  He created each one of us and the He placed a Soul in our Inner Being where He dwells.  There are many people who do not have a close relationship with God.  There are many Christians and those of other religions including atheists who have somehow become criminals and are imprisoned.

Prisons are highly protected places, where prisoners are held.  They lose their freedom and they are kept in for a period of time according to their crime.  There are some countries who still have the death penalty.  Many prisoners get life imprisonment according crime.

Indonesia still have the death penalty for Drug Traffickers.  Andrew Chan and Sukumaran are two Australians who were caught in Indonesia for Drug Trafficking and are now condemned to die along with other prisoners.  Their lawyers are still fighting their case and we do not know what the outcome would be but THE TIME HAS COME NOW FOR US TO PRAY THAT THE DEATH PENALTY SHOULD BE SCRAPPED.

Blessed are the Merciful for they shall receive Mercy

In Indonesia, some prisoners are rehabilitated and then they are condemned to die.  Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukuraman were rehabilitated in prison and then they in turn have began rehabilitation programs for their prison inmates.

God is our creator and He sent His only Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ to die for us, so that we may live.  God is Merciful and He is calling each one of us to be merciful as well.  So,  now the time has come for each one of us to be merciful to each other.  Let us begin to pray that the DEATH PENALTY ALL AROUND THE WORLD WOULD BE SCRAPPED AND LET US ALSO PRAY THAT IF PRISONERS ARE REALLY AND TRULY SORRY FOR THEIR SINS AND MISTAKES AND HAVE DECIDED TO LIVE A CLEAN LIFE, THEN THEY SHOULD BE AFTER A PERIOD OF TIME, SET FREE – BE ON PAROLE.  THESE ARE PRISON TERMS.

God of Mercy and Compassion.

Let us all examine ourselves during this Lenten Season and see in what ways have we failed TO BE MERCIFUL and TRY TO BE MERCIFUL FOR THE REST OF THE SEASON.



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Mount Calvary

By Florence D’Costa

Every time we make the Stations of the Cross, are we making the journey that Jesus made on that fateful day, when he was condemned by Pilate to die on a cross, 2000 years ago?  Well, Jesus Christ died and he rose again victoriously, 2000 years ago.  He is now seated at the Right hand of God and He is constantly interceding for us.  So, why do we make the Stations of the Cross atleast once week,  during the Lenten Season?

Well, for me, I journey along with Jesus on that fateful day.  I journey along with His Mother Mary.   I journey with her as I can imagine how broken she was to see her only son being condemned, scourged, crowned with thorns, robed as a king and mocked as ‘The King of the Jews” and finally He was crucified and He died between two thieves.  The Son of God, the Son of Mary who was God and Man – who knew no sin, became SIN by carrying the sins of the world on His shoulders.  He suffered and died such a humiliating death on the cross BECAUSE OF HIS GREAT LOVE FOR YOU AND ME.  He was prepared to die for us, so that we might LIVE forever with Him in Heaven.

The Old Rugged Cross by Don Meon

What happens as I journey with Jesus and Mother Mary on that fateful day?  I relive the horror of that day.  I look into the eyes of Jesus as He carries his cross.  There is so much of pain in his eyes.  He suffers physical pain, pain of rejection, humiliation, he feels alone as he walks to his death.  Crowds are jeering at him women are crying for Him.  He meets his mother and their eyes meet.  No words pass from their lips but their hearts are wrenched in two.   Which mother on earth has witnessed her innocent son who committed no sin suffer and die such a humiliating death though He was Divine and yet Man.  No mother on earth, only Mother Mary.

On the cross His greatest suffering was when He carried the sins of the world on His shoulders, He cried, MY GOD, MY GOD, WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN ME.  You see Sin and God cannot be united and hence Jesus felt forsaken by His Father in Heaven.  Then Jesus said besides other things, IT IS FINISHED and He gave up HIS SPIRIT.

WHEN I look at Jesus dying on the cross, I know that after I have journeyed with Jesus and His mother, I cannot be the same person.  I know now that JESUS CHRIST has given me abundant graces to become a better person.  I have learnt to be ready to accept humiliation, suffering, ridicule etc all for the love of Jesus.  JESUS WAS GOD AND MAN AND HE WAS SINLESS AND HE SUFFERED AND DIED FOR THE WHOLE WORLD.  SO I MUST ALSO BE READY TO BE LIKE MY LORD AND MASTER.

Every Christian is persecuted in different ways and we must be ready to face persecution and so journeying with Jesus during His Most terrible Passion and Death is the best way for us to be strengthened TO BE LIKE OUR MASTER – JESUS CHRIST.



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A Call for Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukuraman to remember that Christ’s Love Never Fails.

During this Season of Lent let us think deeply of Christ’s Love for each one of us.  Let us draw comfort that in Life or in Death, His Love for us Never Fails.

Many of us may be going through difficult and sometimes UNBELIEVABLE situations in our lives, for example now Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukuraman have been taken to an Island where they will be facing a Firing Squad most probably by the week end.  I am sure these two boys years ago when they were young and foolish got into drug smuggling and finally were apprehended by the Indonesian Authorities, were jailed, rehabilitated and in turn began their work to rehabilitate their prison inmates in Indonesia.

There were pleas for their lives to be spared but arrangements for them to face the Firing Squad are continuing.  The reason I mentioned this extraordinary situation is that God Loves us all and He loves them as well AND HIS LOVE NEVER FAILS for them or for any of us.

Many of us could be going through very troubled times and Jesus Christ is calling for us to TRUST HIM and to place our burdens at the Foot of the Cross and to REMEMBER THAT HIS LOVE NEVER FAILS.

I would like to mention here that if  they should finally face the Firing Squad, I would like to encourage them that no sooner their breath leaves them, they will be in the arms of Jesus Christ, For HIS LOVE NEVER FAILS.

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How Beautiful Is the Passion of Christ – Lyrics

By Florence D’Costa – My dear brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ, my plea to you during this Lenten Season is to RETURN TO CHRIST.  Each and every one of us have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God.  No one can say,”I am without sin.”  Jesus Christ suffered so much humiliation, pain, torment and was betrayed by one of his own disciples. SIN IS UGLY and it is important for us to walk away from Sin and Ugliness.  Jesus Christ is Beautiful, for though He was man, He was also God.

During this Lenten Season, Christ Jesus is calling us to walk away from sin and to walk into His arms.  It is very important for each of us to examine our conscience every night and to Say A Sorry Prayer or an Act of Contrition before we go to bed.  Many of us also commit sins of Omission.  There are many things that God is calling us to do but we simply turn a blind eye to.

Christ Jesus is inviting us to approach the Sacrament of Reconciliation during this Lenten Season so that our minds, hearts and souls would be purified.  Prayer is having a Conversation or a meeting with Christ Jesus.  Why not make it a point to meet Him everyday for awhile? Let us try to MAKE A COMPLETE TURN AROUND AND WALK TOWARDS HIM. Let us look into His eyes and say, “I am sorry Jesus for hurting you and for sinning against you. Please do forgive me.”  If we do say this simple prayer, we will surely receive enough grace to approach the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  The Sacrament of Reconciliation is so very important, for the sins that we confess will surely be forgiven and a GREAT PEACE THAT SURPASSES ALL UNDERSTANDING WILL DESCEND INTO OUR HEARTS.

As I am a Catechist, many children have told me that they are afraid to go for confession because they feel that the priest will have a bad opinion of them when they confess their sins to him.  So, I told them to confess their sins to the priest whom they trust, not that any priest would regard you as bad or label you as a SINNER.  I also told them that in the Confessional, Jesus Christ and the priest awaits them and that it is JESUS CHRIST WHO FORGIVES SINS and the priest gives them absolution.

I ask the children as to how they feel if they commit sins and they said that they feel unhappy when they sin.  So I told them that it is important for them to approach the Sacrament of Reconciliation for Jesus Christ would forgive them their sins through the Priest and that once forgiven, they would be HAPPY ONCE AGAIN.

So, my dear brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ, what is stopping you FROM BEING FORGIVEN?  WHAT IS STOPPING YOU FROM OBTAINING HAPPINESS?

Even if you have not gone for Confession in years, say 10, 20, 30 or 40 years, the time has come for you to BE FORGIVEN AND TO EXPERIENCE THE CLOSENESS OF JESUS CHRIST.  Try approaching the Sacrament of Reconciliation and you will find that the burden that you have been carrying for a long time, will be taken away by Jesus Christ and He will place HIS PEACE IN YOUR HEART.


I do remember the words of this Song.  It is a Pop Song but we can sing this Song to Jesus Christ. The words are :

I am on the top of the World looking
Down on Creation
And the only explanation I can find
Is the Love that I found
Ever since you’ve been around
Your Love puts me
At the top of the World!

Well, Jesus Christ can put each one of us ON TOP OF THE WORLD and give us PEACE THAT SURPASSES ALL UNDERSTANDING.










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The Families of Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan should be strong for them.

By Florence D’Costa

The families of Myuran Sukuraman and Andrew Chan should be strong for these two boys. Friends, Mercy Supporters and Governments who are supporting these two boys should be their anchor.

All supporters should be positive in their thinking and we should pray with faith believing that God is all knowing, all seeing and He is merciful to the penitent sinner.  These boys have repented and we can be sure that God has forgiven them.  It is very important for us to be strong in our faith and to believe that their lives could be saved.

More importantly we need to pray that Indonesia would do away with the Death Penalty and that they would have programs to enable prisoners become better human beings, so that they can be useful to themselves, to society and the country at large.

We as individuals should work on ourselves to become better people and we should be a good influence on others.  If we can make a difference in the lives of others, then we should.


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