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God is my Friend, He calls me Friend!

God is Holy. He is my friend and He loves me. How blessed am I? How blessed are we? God is smiling on each one of us and He has got a lot of blessings in store for each one of us. He is waiting for us to believe, for when we believe and have total faith in God, it is only then that God will be able to pour out all His blessings on each one of us.

When we get down on our knees and pray, we must believe that Christ Jesus is with us and He does have a lot of special blessings for each of us. When we believe, we receive. Christ Jesus said, ‘If you have faith as big as a grain of a mustard see, when you say to the mountain, move, it will move.’ What are the mountains in each of our lives. What is blocking us from being happy and contented. If we have faith, we could say to these mountains or problems in our lives and it will move and go away. But we must trust in Our Friend Jesus Christ who is Our Lord and Saviour.

At the sound of God’s name, Angels will bow because God is great and majestic. So what is stopping us from believing in God’s great majesty. We must believe in God’s greatness and we must also join the angels and bow with them at the sound of God’s name. There is no one like our God and we must sing His praise Him. We must hold onto our God. We must never let Him leave us because of our sin. We must always repent of our sin and approach the Sacrament of Reconciliation. We must keep our whole selves clean and spotless – our mind, soul and body. If we stay near Our God, He will give us all the grace that we need to be pure and clean.

We must call out to His Holy spirit and His spirit will come and make us new. Christ Jesus is our friend. He calls us His friend. How privileged we are to be friends with a God who created this whole wide world. Who created the stars and the planets – who created mankind – you and me and put within us a soul where He dwells. We are the temples of the Holy Spirit, so as we walk the streets, the shopping Malls, the market places, to our work places, among our communities, let us take Christ Jesus with us. We are walking tabernacles.  He will transform those around us and those whom we meet. We must believe! Only faith can make us new.

Let us sing and be happy that we are friends of God and let us be aware that He calls us friends. My dear friends put on some spiritual music – sing and dance to this music and cry out to the Lord and thank Him for being our friend and for calling us His friends. We will always be His friend, so do not doubt in His love and in His friendship.

When we love someone or when we see our children, we see the greatness of God in them. So we must realise that God loves each one of us and He sees greatness in each one of us. The word of God says that Perfect fear casts out all fear. So my dear people, be strong and believe in Christ Jesus because He is our friend and He believes in us. There is victory in Christ Jesus because He was victorious when He rose from the dead.

I would also like to remind each one of you that we have been anointed at our Baptism and we belong to Him. We have been anointed to do good. We must be a blessing to our families, our neighbours, our parish and all those around us. We must give those whom we meet a smile which would transform their lives. Christ would reach out to those we smile at and He would bless them and bring Joy into their lives.

I would like to end with this statement – GOD IS OUR FRIEND AND HE CALLS US HIS FRIENDS. So, my dear people. Be happy and joyous, for happiness and joy is contagious. Let us be Contagious People for Christ Jesus! God is our friend. God calls us His friends, so let us be friends to those who have no friends! God bless you and May you be a blessing to others!


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Lent by Florence D’Costa

During this period of Lent, let us be more inward looking as we journey with Jesus towards the Cross and Calvary. Let us pray to Christ to help us become better people so that we can help others to journey with Christ.  I will surely do another video soon.

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Philippians 4:13 by Florence D’Costa

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My dear brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ, there is something I would like to share with you.  Many times in our lives, we do experience a sort of disability when it comes to doing God’s Holy Will.  Let us ask ourselves, Why?  Why do we feel incapable of performing?  It is because we try to do things with our own strength.  But if we realise that we are in Christ and Christ is in us and whatever we do, it is vital that we do through Christ who strengthens us.  If we keep this in mind and stay connected, God will give us the grace to do all things through Christ Jesus.

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Philippians 4: 6-7 by Florence D’Costa

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When we pray, we come into the Presence of God and His presence.  God’s presence is soothing and comforting.  Sometimes, there may be times when we just want to come into His Presence and remain silent but yet being aware of His Presence.  When we come into His Presence, it is important for us to praise and thank God for His blessings from the silence of our hearts.  Then we could get into the mode of surrendering ourselves and our families to Christ.  What is the meaning of surrender – It means to let go – to give everything to God.  To have total faith.  If we have total faith in God, we will surrender everything to Him and Trust that He will take care of us.

Let’s say, when we were children, what would be our attitude towards our parents.  We ofcourse would trust them totally and completely.  That was my relationship with my parents.  I trusted them.  So, if we trusted our parents who are human and we believed that they would take care of us in the best way possible – how much more do we need to trust in God.  God was the one who took care of our parents who took care of us.  Well, so I guess that now we need to trust in God totally and completely for ourselves, our families and for all, especially for all those whom we love and care for.  SO, SURRENDER AND TRUST ARE THE KEY WORDS.

Our Heavenly Father, sent Jesus his son to die for us, so that we will have new life and hence it is important for us to SURRENDER TO GOD through Jesus Christ, His Son and trust in Him totally and completely for MIRACLES TO HAPPEN IN OUR LIVES.

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God is our shepherd by Florence D’Costa

God is our Shepherd and we Iike sheep have all gone astray, so God laid all our iniquity upon His Son Jesus Christ so that we the sheep would be saved and redeemed. So, let our prayer be ‘ Shepherd me O God beyond my wants, beyond my fears from death into life’.

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All these days, I was talking to happy people – to people who have plenty of everything.  Now I am talking to the people who consider themselves less fortunate,  I do have a WORD OF ADVICE for you.

You might think that you do not have something to share but give away free from what you do have.  Give to those who pass you by – give to them a SMILE which is FREE OF COST.  If you are homeless but you know that you are healthy.  All you need is a shower everyday and food.  If you are happy with this, then go around and spread happiness – Give people a SMILE. There are so many wealthy people who are not happy one way or another.  So let those of us who have less, give to others the little that we have.




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Condolence – Florence D’Costa

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Matthew 17:22-27 (Gospel 14 August, 2017)

Jesus Christ was on his way to Jerusalem to the other Mount – Mount Calvary. In Chapter 17 we see the Transfiguration of Christ on Mount Thabor and now he was journeying towards his death – towards Calvary and we know that he will rise again glorious on the third day. Thus he opened Heaven so that all those who choose to follow and believe in him will have eternal life.  Open your heart to Jesus Christ so that He could come in and change You.

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Matthew 14:22-33 (Gospel 13/8/2017) by Florence D’Costa

Let us pray for an increase of Faith because if we truly believe in Christ Jesus, we will NOT BE AFRAID because we know that He will be with us in every situation, especially when it is difficult. Let us pray to Apostle Thomas to intercede on our behalf for Christ Jesus to increase our faith and believe me your prayer will be answered.

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Psalm 23 – A few thoughts by Florence D’Costa

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