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Romans 7:15 by Florence D’Costa

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I think this is a very interesting verse. Paul himself was struggling with sin.  He says, I do not understand what I DO  but What I hate I DO.  What he wants to do he does NOT DO.  I guess we all struggle with this concept.  To be perfect and free from sin is quite a difficult task.  We can only avoid sin through the Grace of God.  The Grace of God is very powerful and if we have God’s Grace, you can be sure that you will be always able to avoid sin and its consequences.

So, my dear brothers and sisters, I think it is best that we pray continuously to be in the PRESENCE OF GOD.  For if we are continuously in His Presence, He will give us the Grace to be free from sin and its consequences.


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Intercessory Prayer for Victory by Florence D’Costa

Let us all pray for one another.  Let us also pray for those who are attracted to the same sex.  Let us also pray for those who have terminal illnesses and who want to Euthanasia to be introduced.  Let us all come into the presence of God and plead for Him to have mercy on Australia.

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Intercessory Prayer for Victory by Florence D’Costa

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Teen Suicide in Australia is a “national emergency”

There is a growing problems where teenagers are concerned.  Parents, make your children happy.  If you feel that they are depressed or sad, reach out to them and give them a helping hand.  Love them and show them that you care and that they are very special children.  There is help for your children.  Please do care for them, love them and THERE IS HELP FOR THEM.  Parents, they are your responsibility.

To parents and friends of Teens all over the world.   Please be good to your children and friends look out for your friends.  There is help for Teens who are going through depression all over the world.  Reach out and help……

Intercessors, let us pray for our Teens in Australia and if there is any way we can help them, let us do.

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