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Are we Playing God? Is Capital Punishment Necessary?

Are we playing God?  God is Our Creator.  He created each one of us and the He placed a Soul in our Inner Being where He dwells.  There are many people who do not have a close relationship with God.  There are many Christians and those of other religions including atheists who have somehow become criminals and are imprisoned.

Prisons are highly protected places, where prisoners are held.  They lose their freedom and they are kept in for a period of time according to their crime.  There are some countries who still have the death penalty.  Many prisoners get life imprisonment according crime.

Indonesia still have the death penalty for Drug Traffickers.  Andrew Chan and Sukumaran are two Australians who were caught in Indonesia for Drug Trafficking and are now condemned to die along with other prisoners.  Their lawyers are still fighting their case and we do not know what the outcome would be but THE TIME HAS COME NOW FOR US TO PRAY THAT THE DEATH PENALTY SHOULD BE SCRAPPED.

Blessed are the Merciful for they shall receive Mercy

In Indonesia, some prisoners are rehabilitated and then they are condemned to die.  Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukuraman were rehabilitated in prison and then they in turn have began rehabilitation programs for their prison inmates.

God is our creator and He sent His only Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ to die for us, so that we may live.  God is Merciful and He is calling each one of us to be merciful as well.  So,  now the time has come for each one of us to be merciful to each other.  Let us begin to pray that the DEATH PENALTY ALL AROUND THE WORLD WOULD BE SCRAPPED AND LET US ALSO PRAY THAT IF PRISONERS ARE REALLY AND TRULY SORRY FOR THEIR SINS AND MISTAKES AND HAVE DECIDED TO LIVE A CLEAN LIFE, THEN THEY SHOULD BE AFTER A PERIOD OF TIME, SET FREE – BE ON PAROLE.  THESE ARE PRISON TERMS.

God of Mercy and Compassion.

Let us all examine ourselves during this Lenten Season and see in what ways have we failed TO BE MERCIFUL and TRY TO BE MERCIFUL FOR THE REST OF THE SEASON.



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A Call for Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukuraman to remember that Christ’s Love Never Fails.

During this Season of Lent let us think deeply of Christ’s Love for each one of us.  Let us draw comfort that in Life or in Death, His Love for us Never Fails.

Many of us may be going through difficult and sometimes UNBELIEVABLE situations in our lives, for example now Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukuraman have been taken to an Island where they will be facing a Firing Squad most probably by the week end.  I am sure these two boys years ago when they were young and foolish got into drug smuggling and finally were apprehended by the Indonesian Authorities, were jailed, rehabilitated and in turn began their work to rehabilitate their prison inmates in Indonesia.

There were pleas for their lives to be spared but arrangements for them to face the Firing Squad are continuing.  The reason I mentioned this extraordinary situation is that God Loves us all and He loves them as well AND HIS LOVE NEVER FAILS for them or for any of us.

Many of us could be going through very troubled times and Jesus Christ is calling for us to TRUST HIM and to place our burdens at the Foot of the Cross and to REMEMBER THAT HIS LOVE NEVER FAILS.

I would like to mention here that if  they should finally face the Firing Squad, I would like to encourage them that no sooner their breath leaves them, they will be in the arms of Jesus Christ, For HIS LOVE NEVER FAILS.

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The Families of Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan should be strong for them.

By Florence D’Costa

The families of Myuran Sukuraman and Andrew Chan should be strong for these two boys. Friends, Mercy Supporters and Governments who are supporting these two boys should be their anchor.

All supporters should be positive in their thinking and we should pray with faith believing that God is all knowing, all seeing and He is merciful to the penitent sinner.  These boys have repented and we can be sure that God has forgiven them.  It is very important for us to be strong in our faith and to believe that their lives could be saved.

More importantly we need to pray that Indonesia would do away with the Death Penalty and that they would have programs to enable prisoners become better human beings, so that they can be useful to themselves, to society and the country at large.

We as individuals should work on ourselves to become better people and we should be a good influence on others.  If we can make a difference in the lives of others, then we should.


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Myuran Sukumaran and his Art and Educational

We are all aware that drug trafficking is very wrong but when we see a young man who has repented of his wrong doings and who has changed his way of living, we as a people of Australia and the world must plead for his life to be spared.

A young man who we are sure, if his life is spared, would become a PERSON WHO WOULD SACRIFICE HIS LIFE FOR HIS INMATES AND FOR THE PEOPLE OF INDONESIA.

SUCH GREAT TALENT should not be wasted by EXECUTION.

My opinion is that if all prisoners reform their lives and become useful to their inmates and to the country in which they are imprisoned, the prisons will become a better place.

We pray O Lord Jesus Christ to save people who are on drugs and to open more Drug Rehabilitation Centres.  Give people the grace to WALK AWAY FROM DRUGS. Amen!

All countries all over the world including, Indonesia and Australia should teach children in high school (State schools, catholic schools and Private schools), Colleges, Universities and work places etc about the danger of drugs.



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