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Yes, Do not communicate with Satan – He is a liar, a rogue and a thief

Pope Francis Shares Jesus’ Warning in Sermon on Hell and Satan

Pope Francis Shares Jesus’ Warning in Sermon on Hell and Satan


I am sharing Pope Francis’ video warning us, the Faithful not to speak with Satan.  It is important for us to be aware that he is our enemy and he is waiting to devour us and to lead us down the EVIL PATH.  My experience is to look at Jesus Christ all the time, be in His presence, stay at His side and no harm will ever come to you.  If we begin to communicate with Satan, he will lie to us, cheat us and then as Pope Francis says, we will find ourselves all messed up and in big trouble. Let us be with Christ Jesus – Be in his embrace where we will be safe and protected.  When we are in His Presence, the enemy cannot come anywhere near us.  He then is a LOST CREATURE, like a lion with no teeth because Jesus Christ is the Lion of Judah and Satan lost his battle with Christ.  Jesus Christ is the Victor.  He is Our Lord and Saviour, Our Redeemer and Friend.  Stay close to Christ Jesus and He will fight our battles with Satan.


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