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God is my Friend, He calls me Friend!

God is Holy. He is my friend and He loves me. How blessed am I? How blessed are we? God is smiling on each one of us and He has got a lot of blessings in store for each one of us. He is waiting for us to believe, for when we believe and have total faith in God, it is only then that God will be able to pour out all His blessings on each one of us.

When we get down on our knees and pray, we must believe that Christ Jesus is with us and He does have a lot of special blessings for each of us. When we believe, we receive. Christ Jesus said, ‘If you have faith as big as a grain of a mustard see, when you say to the mountain, move, it will move.’ What are the mountains in each of our lives. What is blocking us from being happy and contented. If we have faith, we could say to these mountains or problems in our lives and it will move and go away. But we must trust in Our Friend Jesus Christ who is Our Lord and Saviour.

At the sound of God’s name, Angels will bow because God is great and majestic. So what is stopping us from believing in God’s great majesty. We must believe in God’s greatness and we must also join the angels and bow with them at the sound of God’s name. There is no one like our God and we must sing His praise Him. We must hold onto our God. We must never let Him leave us because of our sin. We must always repent of our sin and approach the Sacrament of Reconciliation. We must keep our whole selves clean and spotless – our mind, soul and body. If we stay near Our God, He will give us all the grace that we need to be pure and clean.

We must call out to His Holy spirit and His spirit will come and make us new. Christ Jesus is our friend. He calls us His friend. How privileged we are to be friends with a God who created this whole wide world. Who created the stars and the planets – who created mankind – you and me and put within us a soul where He dwells. We are the temples of the Holy Spirit, so as we walk the streets, the shopping Malls, the market places, to our work places, among our communities, let us take Christ Jesus with us. We are walking tabernacles.  He will transform those around us and those whom we meet. We must believe! Only faith can make us new.

Let us sing and be happy that we are friends of God and let us be aware that He calls us friends. My dear friends put on some spiritual music – sing and dance to this music and cry out to the Lord and thank Him for being our friend and for calling us His friends. We will always be His friend, so do not doubt in His love and in His friendship.

When we love someone or when we see our children, we see the greatness of God in them. So we must realise that God loves each one of us and He sees greatness in each one of us. The word of God says that Perfect fear casts out all fear. So my dear people, be strong and believe in Christ Jesus because He is our friend and He believes in us. There is victory in Christ Jesus because He was victorious when He rose from the dead.

I would also like to remind each one of you that we have been anointed at our Baptism and we belong to Him. We have been anointed to do good. We must be a blessing to our families, our neighbours, our parish and all those around us. We must give those whom we meet a smile which would transform their lives. Christ would reach out to those we smile at and He would bless them and bring Joy into their lives.

I would like to end with this statement – GOD IS OUR FRIEND AND HE CALLS US HIS FRIENDS. So, my dear people. Be happy and joyous, for happiness and joy is contagious. Let us be Contagious People for Christ Jesus! God is our friend. God calls us His friends, so let us be friends to those who have no friends! God bless you and May you be a blessing to others!

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Friendship – Agape

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Motive Yourself and Others

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I am a Friend of God!

Isn’t it awesome to be a Friend of God!  God is the highest power.  He is the beginning and the end, the alpha and the omega and He is calling each one of us today and saying : I AM YOUR FRIEND.  So let us rejoice and be glad.  Let us say, THANK YOU LORD for being my friend.

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Our Mission today – Make others happy!

I went for Mass this morning and the homily that Fr Martin did give was very interesting.  He touched on the subject about concentrating on making others happy.  He said, let us not worry too much about making ourselves happy.

So I decided to share this video.  I would like to add here that it is important for us always to have a smile that we could share for it does not cost us to SMILE at others.  To give someone a smile, give them a kind and encouraging word, an embrace if they need one would definitely not cost us anything.  It is FREE TO GIVE and if we could make others happy – Why not!  My experience is that when I make others happy, then it surely proves that I am happy and then because I am happy, I could share that happiness with others.  We should be there for others and it is important for us to let them know that we will always be there for them.

Another important point – if we are there for others, then you can be sure that they will be there for you and even if they are not or unable to be there for us, it still does not matter.  What matters is THAT WE ARE THERE FOR OTHERS and that their happiness  MATTERS TO US.

So, let this MISSION be ours today – TO MAKE ANOTHER HUMAN BEING HAPPY.  Wow! this makes me happy.  When we decide to make others happy, we can be sure that we will not work at MAKING OTHER UNHAPPY!

So, let us go forth and produce HAPPINESS! Wow! Such happiness!

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Teen Suicide in Australia is a “national emergency”

There is a growing problems where teenagers are concerned.  Parents, make your children happy.  If you feel that they are depressed or sad, reach out to them and give them a helping hand.  Love them and show them that you care and that they are very special children.  There is help for your children.  Please do care for them, love them and THERE IS HELP FOR THEM.  Parents, they are your responsibility.

To parents and friends of Teens all over the world.   Please be good to your children and friends look out for your friends.  There is help for Teens who are going through depression all over the world.  Reach out and help……

Intercessors, let us pray for our Teens in Australia and if there is any way we can help them, let us do.

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The Baptised are Adopted Children of God

I am writing again on BAPTISM.  I feel the Lord has placed it on my heart to write about the Baptised.  What do you personally think about being baptized? Does belonging to God Almighty excite you or have you drifted away from the Church.  Do you believe that God does have a plan and a purpose for you or do you feel that though you are baptized you do not have an obligation to go to church.  I have recently been talking to Catholics who have been baptized but who have drifted away from the Church and during that time have come across quite a lot of problems and confusion in their lives and are still in a dilemma.  The parents of these Catholics, took these children to church, when they were younger only to receive the Sacraments.  They failed to pray with their children and to take them to church on a regular basis.

Now these children have grown up and they do not have a relationship with God, their Creator and their Savior.  They do have many problems and are not able to cope with them. They are in a dilemma?  Many of these Catholics do not have a happy relationship with their parents, siblings and many are divorced or separated.  These individuals are not able to have a stable life.

Now, let us examine those children who come from Good Catholic homes and whose parents have taught these children well.  Took them to church, prayed with them at home and taught them to love God.  These parents sent their children to Catholic schools and now these children are adults, married and they do go to church on a regular basis and in turn are bringing up their children the way they were brought up.

So, my question is.   As practicing Catholics or Christians, how can we help those who have lost their way.  How can we help those who are groping in the dark.  We are not created to be selfish.  The Baptised are
Children of God and as Children of God, we should be more like Our Lord Jesus Christ who came into the world to help the helpless.  Do we have an eye to spot people who need our help.  Well, then, let us keep some time every week to visit the sick first in our own families and then the sick in hospitals, visit the elderly in your own family and see how we can be of help and assistance to them.  There are many in our own families who need help in some way or the other.  Can we be of assistance?

Some of us might be living in countries where there are many orphans and as married couples, maybe we could adopt a child and give them a home.  Give them love that they have been deprived of.  Hold them in your arms and tell them that you love them.  Maybe we as individuals could encourage families who can afford to adopt a child, to do so without any inhibitions.  Many people think it is below their dignity to adopt a child and to bring them up as their own.  I would like to remind you that God Our Father, adopted us and CALLED US HIS VERY OWN on the day of OUR BAPTISM.  Why can’t we do the same to poor little orphans WHO ARE SO ALONE IN THIS WORLD.  Every country has so many orphans.  COME ON PEOPLE, take one home and give them love and treat them as your very own.  Let us be grateful to God Our Father for adopting us and for CALLING US HIS VERY OWN.  He gave us His Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ to be Our Brother and Saviour.


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Praise, Worship and Thanksgiving Lyrics

Yes, God is good all the time and His blessings are limitless and endless.  In everything, Let us Give Thanks.

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How to Stay In The Presence of God 24 x 7

Prayer is having a conversation with God.  When God talks, we listen.  When we talk, God listens.  What do we normally? We talk and talk and talk to God.  Well, what do we talk to God?  Well, I remember how I used to pray a very long while ago.  I would tell God my sob stories and how he was not taking good care of me, meaning THAT HE WAS NOT DOING WHAT I WANTED HIM TO DO FOR ME.  I would go on and on and on and I did not give Him a chance to answer me and when He did speak to me, I could not hear Him because I did not know how to listen.  I could hear when people spoke to me but I was stone deaf when the Holy Spirit would gently whisper to me.  I was so full of myself.  I stood on a little pedestal and I kept on telling God that He being God, He could make me happy by granting me all my desires.

Well, God had other plans.  He definitely did not like my plans.  He did have a blue print that He designed for me from ALL ETERNITY.  Do you think I was happy with His Blue Print?  No way.  Then began my wrestling with God, Night and Day.  My wrestling with God continued for a period of time.  He allowed, struggles and suffering to meet me Head On.  Do you think I was happy?  No way but I knew that God was  my only hope.  I could never leave Him nor Forsake Him.  I GUESS, HIS LOVE FOR ME WAS SO GREAT THAT HE DID NOT LET ME GO  AWAY FROM HIM.  I WAS IN HIS LOVING EMBRACE BUT I WAS STRUGGLING TO COPE BECAUSE NOTHING WAS GOING ACCORDING TO MY PLAN BUT EVERYTHING WAS GONG ACCORDING TO HIS (GOD’S PLAN).

I always had a passionate desire for the WORD OF GOD.  I was wanting to study Scripture for a very long time but the Catholic Church was afraid to allow us to read the Bible, leave alone studying scripture.  The Catholic Church held onto the Sacraments and the Protestants held onto The Bible (the Word of God).  Then like a miracle, one day I heard that the Charismatic Group was having Adoration once a week in Convent, which I attended.  Oh my God, those were such wonderful days.  I enjoyed every moment of it.  I enjoyed BEING IN THE PRESENCE OF GOD FOR ONE WHOLE HOUR once a week.  Then, our group attended a stay in Retreat at a Hill Station.  A very cool and beautiful place.  At this retreat the Word of God was preached and Oh My God, my eyes were opened.  You see, when I was in Grade One I learnt catechism but along the way I had forgotten the Question and Answer that I studied.  Who made you?  God made me.  Why did he make you.  He made me to Know Him, Love Him and Serve Him.  This was not explained to me in Grade One but at this retreat Fr Rebello explained it so well.  And later when I began to study scripture Sr Claude taught us in a very deep way.  While I was in Scripture Class I was definitely in GOD’S PRESENCE and I felt as though I was lifted upto Heaven.  Fr Rebello and Sr Claude taught me the same thing.  How would we get to know God.  Only through Scripture.  Right from the Old Testament to the New Testament we learn that God is Love.  But we Catholics remembered God as a punishing God.  Once we get to know God and that He is Love even in the Old Testament, we begin to fall in Love with Him.  Any human being can fall in love only when we know a person and Scripture teaches us that God is Love and He can be nothing else.  So, when we love Him, we will begin to Serve Him without any questions.


So, a word of advice to all my readers.  If you are having struggles and sufferings in your life, this is the time to begin wrestling with God.  Never leave Him.  Keep on questioning Him and the Listen, He will answer you through His Word.  In fact He has answered you already through me.  Go for a WORD OF GOD RETREAT and God will talk to you through His Word.  He will answer all your questions and He will remove your all your doubts.

It is very important to get to know your God because when you get to know Him, you will fall in love with Him and then you will serve Him without any questions.

Now that we believe and trust in God a 100 percent, we have already begun to LIVE IN HIS PRESENCE.  My advice to everyone is, no matter what we are doing in our lives.  Whether, we are sleeping, eating, bathing, studying, crying, laughing, playing sport, working or praying etc, we need to be aware that we are in HIS PRESENCE.  HE NEVER LEAVES US.  JESUS CHRIST IS FAITHFUL AND HE IS ALWAYS WITH US, THUS PLACING US INTO HIS PRESENCE but it is very important for us to know that we are in His Presence all the time.  You might ask me, what about the times when I commit grievous sins, I am sure He would leave us.  Yes, when we commit grievous sins, we open the door of our hearts and we send Him out.  Yes, when we commit Mortal or grievous sins, He leaves our heart but never our side.  He stands outside the door of our hearts and He knocks and knocks and knocks.  John 3:16 ‘For God so loved the world that He sent His only begotten Son that whoever believes in Him may have eternal life.’ Jesus Christ was born in a stable for love of mankind and then He carried His Cross to Mount Calvary where he suffered and died and let us not forget that on the Third day He arose victoriously from the dead and He lives and reigns and He is seated at the Right Hand of the Father in Heaven where intercedes for us.  The Holy Spirit is with us and through Him we are in God’s presence.

I will now give you a few important points to follow to ensure that we are in His Presence all the time.

1.     Pray in the morning, before and after meals, night prayers, personal prayer and family prayer.  You can also pray The Divine Office.                                                                                                                   2.     Try to go for daily Mass and if that is not possible, atleast for Sunday Mass.                                                                                                           3.      For those who are not able to attend daily Mass, you can atleast read the Catholic readings for the day.  You may go to :

If you are faithful to God and if you continue to have a conversation with Him.  You talk, God listens, God talks, you listen.  Be true to God in everything that you do and you will REMAIN IN HIS PRESENCE 24 x 7.  If you fall into grievous sin, be sorry, go for Confession and God will enter your heart again.   ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT JESUS CHRIST NEVER LEAVES YOUR SIDE BECAUSE OF HIS GREAT LOVE FOR YOU.  IF YOU ARE SUFFERING WITH ANY KIND OF SINFUL ADDICTION, DO NOT GIVE UP HOPE, PRAY AND SEEK HELP IN THE CATHOLIC CHURCH.  CATHOLICS ARE ALWAYS READY TO HELP THE BEST WAY THEY CAN.  REMEMBER THAT YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  GOD AND HIS PEOPLE ARE WITH YOU.











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Lord, Deliver Me!

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