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Psalm 23 – The Lord is my shepherd by Florence D’Costa

3rd May, 2020 – The Catholic Church celebrates the Feast of the Good Shepherd.  Jesus Christ is our Good Shepherd and he is taking care of his sheep, the faithful during this pandemic of COVID -19.  Shepherds are known to climb mountains and crags to save the lost sheep.  They do not give up until they find the lost sheep, bring them back home and then they would celebrate with friends and neighbours.  So Jesus Christ is expecting us all to be Good Shepherds to each other.  If someone is lost, let us help them find their way.  It is important that we befriend each other, our friends, the elderly, the vulnerable and our neighbours during this difficult time.  Yes, during this time of distancing and restrictions, we should find safe means of being useful.  Each one of us could help lighten somebody’s burden during this time.  Let us be creative and use safe methods, keeping in minds to follow restrictions set by the Government.  It is also important to pray for our priests.

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Homes called Domestic Churches! Why? By Florence D’Costa

Some faithful or some people would be wondering as to why should our homes be called Domestic Churches.  From good and holy homes we get good/holy priests, good/holy doctors, good/holy lawyers/judges, good/holy scientists, good/holy politicians.  These will hear the voice of God and will be OBEDIENT TO GOD.  Everyone and everything that comes out of a good home will be good and holy.  That is why God is very keen for us to convert our homes into Domestic Churches.  He wants to dwell in our homes.  He is the Prince of Peace and he wants to reign in our hearts and homes.  He wants to help us and guide us. He wants to be Our God, not only in Church but in our homes as well.  If all the faithful brought up their children to make God No.1 in their lives, what a wonderful place would our world be and how pleased would God be with His people.  God is calling us to be saints.


Some saints who came from families :

  1.    St John Vianney  –  A priest who became a Saint.
  2.    St Gianna Berretta Molla   –   A Physician, Surgeon and Pediatrician.
  3.    St. Ivo of Kermartin  –  A lawyer who became a judge
  4.    St Albert the Great (d.1280)  A Scientist
  5.    St Thomas More – A politician


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James 4:8 / COVID19 / Romans 3:23

At this time of crisis, let us also reach out to those in need and try to help them in whatever capacity we can.

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Obedience by Florence D’Costa


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Name Of Jesus by Florence D’Costa


Philippians 2:9-11 Therefore God has highly exalted Him and has freely bestowed on Him the name that is above every name, that at the mention of the name of Jesus every knee shall bow, of those in heaven, those on earth and those under the earth and that every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the Glory of God the Father …

So, let us have faith in the name of Jesus Christ.  Let us magnify His Name and wait for MIRACLES.



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Inner Peace by Florence D’Costa

It is very easy for us to lose our inner peace. Inner peace is priceless, so let realise this and be happy. It is also important for us to love ourselves, our neighbour and most of all, Love God. Many of us at one time or another, think that God is not helping us enough but my dear brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus, let us allow God to be God and let him be in control of our lives. God is awesome and he is the best person who knows what is best for us and for our souls.


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All these days, I was talking to happy people – to people who have plenty of everything.  Now I am talking to the people who consider themselves less fortunate,  I do have a WORD OF ADVICE for you.

You might think that you do not have something to share but give away free from what you do have.  Give to those who pass you by – give to them a SMILE which is FREE OF COST.  If you are homeless but you know that you are healthy.  All you need is a shower everyday and food.  If you are happy with this, then go around and spread happiness – Give people a SMILE. There are so many wealthy people who are not happy one way or another.  So let those of us who have less, give to others the little that we have.


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Lent beginning 6 March, 2019 by Florence D’Costa

The following post on Lent was posted on March 20, 2018.  This year Lent begins on Wednesday, 06 March, 2019. Many parishes in Melbourne,  Australia and the whole world would be having various Lenten programs.  Lent is a time to be inward looking.  It is a time for our conversion – a time for us to draw closer to Jesus Christ and to become more aware of our inquities.  A time to be able to burn the old self and put on Christ Jesus.  A time to pray and ask God to give us the strength to walk away from temptations and to walk into GRACE.  A period of renewal.  A time to contemplate on God’s Love for us and to meditate on how we can respond to God’s Love and Sacrifice.  To put in a nutshell, to BECOME ANOTHER CHRIST, so that we can then reach out to others and help them come closer to Christ and to evenutally become Christlike.  So, my dear brothers and sisters in Christ, it is vital for us to make ourselves available for the Lenten Programs being conducted in our parishes and be open to the workings of the Holy Spirit.

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Tips to lose weight by Florence D’Costa

Given below are some tips to lose weight.  Now, take me for instance, I want to lose weight but I do not think that I could follow all these tips.  So, I suggest that if we made some effort to follow atleast 10 tips from this list, I would say that there is a possibility that we could lose some weight.

I think I would be able to follow a few.   (1)  Drink 5 Cups of Water A Day.   (2)  East More Greens   (3)  Cook with Fat Free Broth   (4)  Eat Whole Grains   (5)  Use Skim Milk   (6)  Take Your Time Eating – I have read in many places that if you took atleast 20 minutes to have a meal, meaning, eat really s;lowly because after 20 minutes, you will feel full and by that time you would have eaten less.  (7)  Use smaller plates  –  If we use small plates. we would put less on our plates and hence eat less.  Be sure not to refill your small plate. Only one serve.   (8)  Exercise – It is very important to every day a little bit of exercise.  For those who can walk and who like walking, walk for about 30 minutes a day.  For those who do not like walking, try to do some sort of exercise for about 5 to 10 minutes daily.  Do not sit for hours watching TV or at a desk.  Always after 30 minutes of sitting, get up and walk for about 2 minutes to help blood to circulate.   (9)  Eat More Seafood and less of Meats.   (10)  Eat More Fiibre.   (11)  Eat more Vegetarian Meals – If you are not able to eat vegetarian Meals, try to include vegetables in your diet.  (12)  Eat Healthy Snacks – It is very important to eat healthy snacks because if we eat fatty snacks, we would fail to lose weight.  (13)  Try to avoid alcohol.

I hope we all lose some weight.

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Five Rules for Better Life

This advice I give to myself and to others – WISE WORDS!

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