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Make me a Channel of Your Peace by Florence D’Costa

There are many in this world who are very unhappy and who feel that life has no meaning and they want to end their lives by committing suicide. Some people also because of their tremendous suffering and pain also want to end their lives … There is life after death and through suffering we can attain heaven. When we lose patience and want to commit suicide or when we try to ask someone’s else is to end our lives, we are surely heading off in the wrong direction – Euthanasia is VERY WRONG…..


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All these days, I was talking to happy people – to people who have plenty of everything.  Now I am talking to the people who consider themselves less fortunate,  I do have a WORD OF ADVICE for you.

You might think that you do not have something to share but give away free from what you do have.  Give to those who pass you by – give to them a SMILE which is FREE OF COST.  If you are homeless but you know that you are healthy.  All you need is a shower everyday and food.  If you are happy with this, then go around and spread happiness – Give people a SMILE. There are so many wealthy people who are not happy one way or another.  So let those of us who have less, give to others the little that we have.




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Hope in God – He will never let you down by Florence D’Costa

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Yes, Lord, remember Your People!

Yes, Lord, we your people surrender ourselves to you.  We surrender all that we have and all that we are.   We come to you O Lord in our nothingness and we know and believe Lord that you are our everything and with you all things are possible.  We come to you Lord for your Love and Protection.  Without You we are nothing.  We give you all our plans.  If it is your Holy Will, then you help us to accomplish our plans because you are very much in our plan.  Whatever, we plan O Lord, we only do it to promote you and to make you known and loved by all. We Love You O Lord with every fibre of our being.  Thank Lord Jesus Christ for loving us.


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I am a Friend of God!

Isn’t it awesome to be a Friend of God!  God is the highest power.  He is the beginning and the end, the alpha and the omega and He is calling each one of us today and saying : I AM YOUR FRIEND.  So let us rejoice and be glad.  Let us say, THANK YOU LORD for being my friend.

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Lord I give You my Heart – Hill Song

It is important to do God’s Holy Will.

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Yes, God’s Love Endures Forever

His Loves Endures Forever by Chris Tomlin

Article – by Florence D’Costa
For those of you out there who are feeling low – feeling let down for some reason or the other, especially you Catholics and Christians, – the baptised -this is a reminder that God is Love and Yes, His love endures forever. Why do you go through so much of suffering and doubt.  Think back to the times when miracles did happen in your lives and cry out to God – Ask Him to renew your faith and believe me. He will.  He is always near and because He is Love – the greatest love – run to him and stay in His Loving Embrace.  This is the place where all of need to be in – This is where healing takes place – This is where He purifies us.  Alleluia! Alleulia! Praise You Jesus Christ – Thank you Jesus Christ –  We love you Jesus Christ.

Important thing to remember – God’s Love is called Agape we cannot hide from His Love, for His Love has no boundaries.




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Peace is flowing like a River

Yes, Peace is flowing like a river, setting all the captives free. When we are peace with the Lord and we are basking
in God’s Glory, let us remember those who are disturbed, unhappy and who have lost all hope.

It is important for us to remember that what we receive freely, freely we must give to others. Every individual in life’s journey experience or have desert experiences. Either we feel that the absence of God in our lives, or we feel that He is silent or that He has abandoned us.

I have something important that I would like to share with you. Remember that Christ lives in us and we live in Him, so where is the question of Him being absent or silent in our lives. It is important for us to remember that He is near to us and in the silence, let us listen to His heartbeat. His heartbeat would tell us that He is near and that His peace is flowing like a river.

Christ is calling us to have faith, to have patience and more importantly to believe that He will never leave us nor forsake us. God is our Father and Jesus Christ is His Son and we are all brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ. Will a Father desert his son. Will a mother desert her baby, Yes, even if they desert, God will not abandon His children. He never does. In a family, we are sometimes silent. Does that mean that we do not love our family members. No. In like manner, if God is silent at times, just remember that He is holding you in His arms. At this time, it is important to listen to His Heartbeat and believe me, you will experience something awesome and wonderful. Silence is sometimes important………

Now, for those of us who are experiencing His nearness, we should then be agents of His Peace. We should share the Peace that is with us and allow that peace to flow out to others, to those around us, so that they would not feel abandoned or lonely but would feel the Peace of Christ in their hearts.

So my brothers and sisters of Christ Jesus, be His Agents of Peace – Take Christ’s peace to those who are struggling to find Peace.



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Are the Waves of Life pulling you under?

Stronger by Mandisa

I remember when I was in the 7th grade, I very nearly drowned. A big wave was taking me out to sea and I had a fear that I was drowning. I spoke to God, then. I said, “Lord, I am not ready to come home as yet. I haven’t even begun life as yet.” I thought that I would die, but the Our Lord Jesus Christ answered my prayer. Another big wave brought me back to shore and I was so thankful that I was alive but the amount of sea water that drank as so much that water was coming out through my nose, ears and mouth. But I was alive.

So my dear friends, if you feel the waves of life is drowning you, cry out to Jesus Christ and He will help you. Jesus Christ is THE ANSWER TO ALL MY PROBLEMS AND DIFFICULTIES and YES, HE IS THE ANSWER TO ALL YOUR PROBLEMS AND DIFFICULTIES AS WELL.

So, be strong and brave and known that Jesus Christ is near you always.

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I am a Temple of the Holy Spirit – Lyrics

I am a Temple of the Holy Spirit by Mother Angelica.  This is an awesome talk.  Good listening.





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