Reaching out to Catholic/Christians Individuals/Families

God places His DREAMS in your Heart!

Are you aware that God places DREAMS in your heart?  There are times that each one of us try our very best to make our dreams come true.  We try this and we try that and most often we bang our heads on Walls that block us from becoming our best.  My experience is that there is a time and place for our dreams to be fulfilled.

So, it is important for us to do what we need to do and then WAIT on Our Lord Jesus Christ to make our dreams come true!  God sees what is our hearts and when he sees that we are doing all we can to Glorify God, you can be absolutely sure that he would move every Wall and every block that is in front of us and we will then become ACHIEVERS FOR CHRIST!

Everytime, I walk into a Wall, I feel so disheartened and I try to break the wall but it simply DOES NOT BREAK.  So, now I wait for CHRIST, my Redeemer to break these walls and to remove blocks in my path.  At the appointed time, he sends his angels to break walls and to remove blocks that are in my path and he makes all the arrangements for me to do what I am APPOINTED TO DO – and then it will all happen.

I would like to add here that The Most High God is on our side.  We need to connect with our Creator and if he is on our side, then who can be against us?  We have to do our part and keep our faith stirred up.  It is not too late to become all we have been created to be.  God is moved by our faith and he will use our faith to make it come about.

I believe that God is still working on me.  I am being trained by the Teacher of all Teachers – by Christ Himself. Wow!
In case you might have forgotten, I would like to remind you of a God who takes care of the Lillies and the Sparrows through this wonderful song ‘Consider the Lilies” – Joel Hemphill – The Hemphills.

A friend of mine asked me a honest question – What would you do if your dreams came true?

My honest Answer – I would put Christ on a Pedestal for the World to see and I would give him all the glory.

So, my dear people, MY DREAM IS TO RAISE CHRIST HIGH AND TO GIVE GOD ALL THE GLORY!  Now, what do I mean by putting God high on a Pedestal.  This means that God would be so high that all who are in trouble would be able to see him and hear him and their faith in God would be restored and then, they will ALSO able to ACCOMPLISH THEIR DREAM THAT CHRIST PUTS IN THEIR HEARTS.  WOW! NO JEALOUSY HERE.  WE ARE NOTHING BUT GOD IS EVERYTHING AND WITH HIM ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.


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Caution! Stop Abortions! Your womb can become a Tomb!

Stop! If you are thinking of aborting your baby.  You might have just discovered that you are pregnant and are simply mortified.  You have so many wonderful plans before you and you want all those plans to materialise.  You are in a dilemma and have become sort of lifeless and in shock.  All sorts of negativity is going on in your mind.  At this moment you are going through a HATE MODE – Hate for yourself and for the life that is in your womb.  STOP!!!

There is more to life than regret and negativity.  There is help for you.  If nobody in your family is willing to help you or you feel that you would be in trouble if you do, then go to your Church and contact your priest or pastor or someone whom you can trust and whom you know will help you.


Now, for those who have already committed abortions and are suffering from guilt, my suggestion is to again contact a priest or a pastor or someone whom you can trust and they will lead you to counselling programs.  If you are a Catholic, approach the Sacrament of Reconciliation and make a good confession, receive Holy Communion.  Believe me, if you do this, you will be really and truly forgiven.  If and when you can join a Pro-Life Movement and help prevent young ones from committing abortions.



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The Baptised are Adopted Children of God

I am writing again on BAPTISM.  I feel the Lord has placed it on my heart to write about the Baptised.  What do you personally think about being baptized? Does belonging to God Almighty excite you or have you drifted away from the Church.  Do you believe that God does have a plan and a purpose for you or do you feel that though you are baptized you do not have an obligation to go to church.  I have recently been talking to Catholics who have been baptized but who have drifted away from the Church and during that time have come across quite a lot of problems and confusion in their lives and are still in a dilemma.  The parents of these Catholics, took these children to church, when they were younger only to receive the Sacraments.  They failed to pray with their children and to take them to church on a regular basis.

Now these children have grown up and they do not have a relationship with God, their Creator and their Savior.  They do have many problems and are not able to cope with them. They are in a dilemma?  Many of these Catholics do not have a happy relationship with their parents, siblings and many are divorced or separated.  These individuals are not able to have a stable life.

Now, let us examine those children who come from Good Catholic homes and whose parents have taught these children well.  Took them to church, prayed with them at home and taught them to love God.  These parents sent their children to Catholic schools and now these children are adults, married and they do go to church on a regular basis and in turn are bringing up their children the way they were brought up.

So, my question is.   As practicing Catholics or Christians, how can we help those who have lost their way.  How can we help those who are groping in the dark.  We are not created to be selfish.  The Baptised are
Children of God and as Children of God, we should be more like Our Lord Jesus Christ who came into the world to help the helpless.  Do we have an eye to spot people who need our help.  Well, then, let us keep some time every week to visit the sick first in our own families and then the sick in hospitals, visit the elderly in your own family and see how we can be of help and assistance to them.  There are many in our own families who need help in some way or the other.  Can we be of assistance?

Some of us might be living in countries where there are many orphans and as married couples, maybe we could adopt a child and give them a home.  Give them love that they have been deprived of.  Hold them in your arms and tell them that you love them.  Maybe we as individuals could encourage families who can afford to adopt a child, to do so without any inhibitions.  Many people think it is below their dignity to adopt a child and to bring them up as their own.  I would like to remind you that God Our Father, adopted us and CALLED US HIS VERY OWN on the day of OUR BAPTISM.  Why can’t we do the same to poor little orphans WHO ARE SO ALONE IN THIS WORLD.  Every country has so many orphans.  COME ON PEOPLE, take one home and give them love and treat them as your very own.  Let us be grateful to God Our Father for adopting us and for CALLING US HIS VERY OWN.  He gave us His Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ to be Our Brother and Saviour.


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