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Divine Mercy Sunday – 2018 by Florence D’Costa

divine mercy
Divine Mercy Sunday – Wow! is the only word that I can use for the Mercy that the faithful receive on Divine Mercy Sunday.  For those of us who did pray the Divine Mercy Novena, attend Mass – free from sin and for those who make a conscious decision to try not to sin in the future, would gain a Plenary or Partial Indulgence.  God’s Mercy has no bounds. God’s devotion to His faithful, his desire to bless us constantly and to forgive us and to make us pure and holy is foremost in his plan for us.

If we have received a Plenary Indulgence on this wonderful day or a partial indulgence would for sure know the state of our soul because we would feel free from sin and we would surely feel a desire to keep away from sin.  Words cannot express our gratitude to God for His love and Divine Mercy.

Let us today, make a decision to keep away from sin and evil and to walk alongside Jesus Christ and to love him alone and to do His Holy Will in this life.  It is also important for us to help others who are willing to be helped and help them to journey with Christ and to be safe in His Love and Divine Mercy!

We should also pray for our priests who are instrumental in helping us to receive tremendous graces through the Sacraments.  Life is surely not easy for us or for priests and we all have a responsibility to pray for our priests and for one another.

Happy Divine Mercy Sunday and God bless us all.



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