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When things in life become unbelievably difficult by Florence D’Costa

When things get difficult in our lives, we want to give up.  It could be loss of a job, sickness, when we feel betrayed by government, friends, employers – even when we feel betrayed by God, we must remember that God is carrying us – that whatever bad that is happening in our lives – God never leaves us.  It is important to remember that God is preparing us for something important.  Now, we are in a hopeless situation or situations but let us look further and beyond at the good things that is coming our way.  Does it rain all the time? No, the sun must come out.  Remember when Daniel was thrown into the Den of hungry lions, he was not devoured because he was protected by an angel.  So now that things have gone very sour in Victoria, let us remember that angels are protecting us and that GOD NEVER FAILS.  Let us Catholics and Christians and all people who believe in the power of a loving Creator, believe that God is working and let us wait patiently for Him to show His hand.  We are covered with His Blood and we are His Favoured people.  Let us unite in prayer and in love and wait for God’s loving response.  GOD ALWAYS DOES ANSWER. It is important for us to believe and to have eyes on Him.  Have faith my dear people.  Jesus Christ Never Fails!  We believe is. Living God – in a God of Life and He will breath life into our lives.  Christ died, but He rose again.  We might think there is no hope, but there is. WAIT PATIENTLY WITH FATH, HOPE AND LOVE! FOR MIRACLES TO HAPPEN.


November 23, 2017 - Posted by | Catholicism, Charismatic Renewal, Christ Jesus, Christianity, Hopelessness, married couples, The Cross, Women, Youth

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