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Happy Australia Day – 2017!

I take the Opportunity of wishing all a Very Happy Australia Day!  May Our Lord Jesus Christ bless us all and May Our Country Australia be blessed and blessed and blessed.  Today is a Day of Celebrating and Rejoicing and ofcourse praying for our country.  Lord Jesus Christ we welcome you into our country and into our midst.  Never leave us Lord nor forsake us.  Help us to live our lives for you and for our neighbour.  Help us to remember that we do have a Lazarus at each of our doors, so please Lord, teach us to share with the poor and the needy.  Yes, Lord, we Australians are known for loving and sharing with our neighbours and with the poor and the needy.

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The Joy of the Lord is my strength

Yes, the Joy of the Lord is my Strength. Stay close to Jesus Christ and open your heart to Him and He will fill you with His Peace and Joy. To be filled with the Joy of the Lord, it is important to forgive all those who have hurt us. It is important to forgive and forgive and forgive. Forgiveness paves the way to peace!

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Lord I give You my Heart – Hill Song

It is important to do God’s Holy Will.

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Teen Suicide in Australia is a “national emergency”

There is a growing problems where teenagers are concerned.  Parents, make your children happy.  If you feel that they are depressed or sad, reach out to them and give them a helping hand.  Love them and show them that you care and that they are very special children.  There is help for your children.  Please do care for them, love them and THERE IS HELP FOR THEM.  Parents, they are your responsibility.

To parents and friends of Teens all over the world.   Please be good to your children and friends look out for your friends.  There is help for Teens who are going through depression all over the world.  Reach out and help……

Intercessors, let us pray for our Teens in Australia and if there is any way we can help them, let us do.

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What is your New Year’s Resolution for 2017

Today is the 3rd day of January, 2017 – The third day in the New Year.  I am not going to write much.  I will leave each one of you to decide what your New Year’s Resolution is going to be.  Take your time.  There is no hurry.  Pray and with God’s help you will be able to write up a list.

Happy New Year once again and God bless you all during this year 2017.


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Happy New Year! Melbourne Fireworks 2017

I take this opportunity to wish all my viewers a Very Happy New Year – 2017.  May God bless you all.

The Fireworks is simply magnificent!



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