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Talents come from God, Your Creator!

Talents come from God – Have no doubt about that.  Develop your talents and built yourself up.  Do not bury your talents because when we go back to meet God, we will have to give an account of all that we have received from our maker. During this Christmas Season, I see around me so much of talent and all I can do is praise God for such talent.

When I was young, I discovered that my talent was sports and singing.  I was born in India and I did not get any sort of scholarship to pursue my talent.  I come from a family of 4 children and I was the eldest.  I was expected to take care of my younger siblings and so I could not pursue my talents.  So my advice to those who have some sort of talent, is, go ahead and develop your talent.  Use your talent to make people happy – to stir people to become better in character.  Use your talent for the Glory of God.

Yesterday, I sang with my group from St Frances de Sales, Lynbrook – This song was one of our favourites and so I would like you to listen to this Christmas Song – Great Day in Bethlehem – Words and Music by Sebastian Temple.  So Enjoy!



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