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Doing God’s Holy Will

Not very many people know how important it is to believe in God and further more how important it is to do what He wants us to do.  Well, let us pray for people to be enlightened by the Holy Spirit.  This is an old video of mine but the Holy Spirit is prompting me to present this video once again.  All I am being is OBEDIENT.


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The Holy Spirit is Gentle – He stirs us – Respond to Him

Yes, Our strength will last.  We will wait upon the Lord.  Yes Our God is everlasting and Yes, He reigns FOREVER.  What do we have to fear? Come Holy Spirit, gentle and kind. Come and stir within our hearts.  Bring down with you, Your Peace and Your Deliverance.  Make us strong Lord. Let us not grow weary.  Stir in our hearts, O Holy Spirit and help us accomplish Our Heavenly Father’s Will.  Many of us waiting for tomorrows to EVANGELISE because we think we need a lot of money to evangelise.  Lord, all we need is YOU.  We are rich in you Lord!  Come Lord, Jesus Christ and make it possible.


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