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When I look into Your Holiness

Every single human being when baptised becomes a Child of God. We call God, Our Father. God is Holy and each one of us are called by God to be Holy and to live a blameless life. God invites us to dwell in Him. Are we the baptised responding to God’s Holy Love.

Living in today’s world, I sometimes get the shivers. You might ask why? When I look around, I see people walking away from the Call of God to holiness. When I see currently what is happening in the US presidential elections – the two candidates Trump vs Hilary Clinton. These two are literally tearing each other down. It is difficult to believe that a country like the United States is unable to produce two respectable and righteous people for the presidential candidacy.

I wonder what is happening to our world. People are walking away from God and from what is right. What happened when we became Children of God? Why are people walking away from God and running to worldly pleasures – pleasures that are evil.

Let those of us who are baptised and are happy to respond to God’s call – let us sit beside Him and look into His Holiness and WORSHIP HIM. Let us pray for ourselves, our families, our friends, our communities, our country, all countries of the world that they may leave their evil ways and follow God who is Holy and Righteous. Let us pray!

October 16, 2016 - Posted by | Baptism/Children of God, Catechesis, Catholicism, Charismatic Renewal, Christ Jesus, Christianity, Evangelisation, Family, Forgiveness, Singles, Women, Youth

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