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Christ All Around Them

Yesterday morning I went for the Installation of Bishop Patrick O’Regan as the Ninth Bishop of Sale.  In his homily he quoted the Words of ‘Christ All Around Me” and then he said, in the place of “Me”, we could use the Words ‘Us”.

I did think that was a Very Good Thought.  Yes, when we pray, ME, it becomes personal prayer and when we use US or THEM, it becomes the prayer of a Community.

Recently, there has been so much of persecution of Christians and Catholics and I decided to write this article CHRIST ALL AROUND THEM and to make it a prayer for all those who are currently being persecuted in the Middle East.

If those who are persecuting Christians and Catholics begin to see them through the eyes of Jesus Christ, then all persecution will stop.  So let us listen to the lyrics of CHRIST ALL AROUND ME AND MAKE IT A PRAYER FOR THOSE BEING PERSECUTED IN THE MIDDLE EAST.



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