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Are you struggling in Your Marriage?

A reminder to those who have forgotten how happy they were on their Wedding Day and a reminder that you could recapture those happy times again.

Where have you gone wrong? Have you neglected to love each other in good times and in bad times?


Are you struggling in your marriage?  Are you being taken advantage of?  Are you being walked all over?  You are not alone.  You definitely are not alone.  Jesus Christ is journeying with you.  I suggest you try and talk things over with your husband/wife.   Pray everyday on a personal level.  Pray as a family.

If the problem persists and the situation is really getting out of hand, then, I think it is time for you to approach a priest and seek help.  I am sure that he would suggest that you visit him with your spouse and you can be sure that HELP IS ON ITS WAY.  The Parish Priest will help you the best way he can.

So my dear married people who have stopped going to church for a very long time,  I would like to remind you that you are loved very much by a God and for those of you who have stopped going to Church and have stopped praying, I think it is time for you to come back to Church. Don’t stay home and become bitter.   Come back to Church, be friends with the Community and we as a Community will try to help you the best way we can.

Whatever be your problem, HELP IS ON ITS WAY but you must take the first step.  Come back to Church, talk to a Priest or to somebody whom you could trust in the Church Community and you can be SURE that YOU WILL BE HELPED.


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