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Father’s Love – Lyrics by Gary Valenciana

By Florence D’Costa

Fathers, how present are you for your children?  Your children are gifts from God.  I remember my son was very attached to his father.  His father, my husband worked long hours as he worked for an airline.  But when he came home, he was very present for his children.  Every Saturday he would go to the office to work though Saturday was his off day but sometimes he would take his children with him to his office and they enjoyed every moment of it.

I remember my son, when he came home after school, would dress up like his father.  He would put on his suit, wear a tie and he would also wear a name badge and he would play act as if he was working as a manager at the airport.  I also remember that my husband’s colleagues in the office and at the airport would chat him up and he would feel very confident of himself and proud that he had a father who worked for an airline.

Fathers, your children need you.  Love them and make them feel important.  If you love them when they are young, they will love you when you are old and will be there for you.

My husband loved our daughter very much.  When she was little, he would quite often bring home snacks and gifts for her which made her very happy.  We would then teach her to share with the others.  Now she is a child who loves to share with us and with others.  She loves giving gifts.

Our children are very loving children.  Why? because we loved them from the very beginning.  So, Fathers, when you make yourself available to your children, you build their confidence.  They feel loved and wanted and when they grow older, they will continue to love you and it would also be easy for them to love God Our Father and it would be easy for them to love others and accept them for who they are.

Fathers, play sport with your children.  Get involved with their interests.  Encourage them and help build their talents.  Take them to church.  Pray with them.  Read the Scriptures with them and have discussions based on your readings.  Laugh with them and when they cry, make them laugh.  Build their confidence so that when they come across challenges in their life, they will be able to cope.

My daughter and son are very attached to their father.  My husband till today is very dedicated to his children and he is always there for them when they need him and they are there for him.

Pope Francis has a few things to say Fathers :

Pope: Don’t be an absent father. Your family is counting on you

The Pope’s weekly catechesis was all about the family, so it was quite fitting that he played a bit with this baby, before starting the audience. He talked about the family unit and the need to raise kids right.
“In the past, kids were raised under an authoritative rule. In some cases this was very overwhelming. But now, what we see in households is the other extreme.”
He also talked about another serious problem, which is absent fathers. From fathers who are simply not in the picture, to those who spend all their time and energy on work.
“So young people end up without a path, virtual orphans without someone to trust in. They become orphans of ideals that awaken the heart. Instead, they turn to false idols that steal their hearts.”
There are strong families out there, but these challenges, he explained, cannot be ignored. He also gave some insight into what he will focus on next week.
“Some of you may say, ‘But Father, you’ve been too harsh and negative. You only focused on absent fathers and the consequences this brings.’ Yes it’s true. I want to underline this point today, because next Wednesday during my catechesis, I will focus on the beauty of fatherhood. That’s why I wanted to start off with this dark chapter, so I can then focus on the light. May God help us understand these situations. Thank you.”
This colorful group, put the finishing touches on the audience. The thousands of people in the audience seemed to enjoy it and so did the Pope.

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