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Baptised? So, what is your role as a Catholic?

This question I guess will make each one of us think.  Why have I been created? What is my purpose on this earth?  What is my role in my family, church community, my work place, my neighborhood, state, country and the world at large?  Am I happy being a Catholic? As a Catholic, am I aware that it is important for me to share with the poor. Do I have a great desire to pray and to worship Our Lord Jesus Christ?

Am I ashamed of being Catholic, of making the Sign of the Cross in the presence of non believers. Do I make the Sign of the Cross Quite a few questions will run through our minds.

It is good to have some quiet time and to think.  We are very busy people and we are too busy to give ourselves some quiet time to think about Our Role as a Catholic.

My thoughts on this topic are :
Baptism makes us Children of God.  At baptism, we are born again.  When my mother gave birth to me, I was born in this world.  I left the comfort of my Mother’s womb.  This was my first birth. When I was born into this world, I grew up to know the things of this world.   At baptism I was BORN AGAIN – Born of the Spirit and through the Power of the Holy Spirit and the teachings of the Catholic Church, I began to know the things of Heaven.

Through the Power of the Holy Spirit, I began to believe that Jesus Christ is Lord.  None of us can say that Jesus Christ is Lord without the Holy Spirit.  Because we are born again, BORN OF THE SPIRIT, we begin to develop a CHARACTER, the character of Our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ.  We become people who are ready to forgive and forget.  We begin to develop a deep love for Jesus Christ and a desire to be like Him.

There is one thing that I would like you to remember. None of us are perfect.  There are times when we are challenged or our faith is challenged or when we face difficult times, then we might falter or we begin to question God.

Everyone’s faith journey is different but the devil will constantly try to take us away from Christ Jesus. Situations would arise in our lives when we would begin to question if God really loves us.  But we must remember that troubled times are when God is pruning us or shaping us into the kind of people that He wants us to be.  When we face problems in our marriage, at our work place or wherever, we must not run away from our problems. If you are not able to handle your problems yourself, then seek help.  Go to your nearest church and seek help.  There are priests and Laity who would help you.  No matter what be your problem or problems, NEVER GIVE UP, the people are God  will not abandon you.  ALWAYS SEEK HELP AND YOU WILL FIND HELP.  This is how we get a touch from the Lord and it is very real.  Through that touch, our eyes would be opened.  It is a moment or a period of Grace.

We then would develop a hunger and a thirst to be like Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God.  When we do develop this HUNGER AND A THIRST, we begin to seek knowledge.  We read the bible, go for Scripture classes or for Theology study.  We begin to attend retreats, go for Prayer Meetings, we go for Confession as often as possible and for Mass everyday, if possible or at least every Sunday.  We begin to know the Power of the Mass and then we have our eyes on our Goal – Heaven.  There are different phases in life.  We go through various situations that makes us more and more like Jesus Christ.  Once, we get a touch from the Lord or a Look from Him, WE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN.

This is when we become EVANGELISERS because we do EXPERIENCE THE JOY OF THE GOSPEL,  we find this tremendous LOVE, JOY AND PEACE in our hearts which surpasses all understanding.  All we want to do is to CONVEY THE JOY OF THE GOSPEL to all those whom we meet or convey the Joyous message through the Media or even if possible to STAND ON THE ROOF TOP AND PROCLAIM THE GOOD NEWS.  ONCE WE BECOME EVANGELISERS WITH THIS GREAT DESIRE TO SPREAD THE JOY OF THE GOSPEL THAT WE ARE EXPERIENCING, IT IS VERY HARD TO WALK AWAY FROM CHRIST.  So, wherever we go and wherever we are, we as CHILDREN OF GOD can only SPEAK OF JESUS CHRIST AND OF HIS GREAT LOVE FOR US AND EACH AND EVERY PERSON.

Every time, we see people suffering and having problems, we automatically respond to them and try to assist them or we try to lend a helping hand.  Our Pope Francis is now encouraging us to reach out to the poor and to help them in whatever way we could.

It is important to remember that every morning as soon as we open our eyes, we must begin to pray and thank God for the Gift of a New Day.  A day that would bring us new opportunities to be Another Christ to members of our family, our work place, church community, neighourhood, State, Country and the World at large.

If you want to grow closer to God and to know more about Him,  you can go to the nearest Catholic Church – Go to the office or when you go for Mass, ask those whom you feel can help you to become A TRUE CHILD OF GOD.  THIS WOULD BE A BEGINNING AND THEN THERE IS A LONG ROAD TO KNOWLEDGE AND WISDOM THAT WE NEED TO SEEK TO BECOME EFFECTIVE EVANGELISERS AND TRUE CHILDREN OF GOD.







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