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If Our God IS for us, then who can be against us?  Do we realise that Our God is Our Everlasting God.  Man will come and go but God is FOREVER.  He is the Alfa and the Omega – The Beginning and the End.  Those who wait on the Lord, will be renewed in their spirit and we will never be the same.  Our God is the Greatest. We must believe in Him and in Him alone.

Yes, we wait upon the Lord,  for He reigns forever. He is the Everlasting God and He is Faithful.  He is Our Lifter and our Provider. What is it that you need today.  Ask and you will receive.  Ask with faith and it will be given to you – Never doubt, for God wants us to be happy and He wants to meet our needs every day and every moment of our lives.  With Christ Jesus we cannot fail, except if we quit. We must always believe that we are moving forward.  We should not be quitters but we should be learners because it is going to be alright for the Everlasting God is with us.  When problems comes our way, we become despondent and we forget the God who created this whole universe.  Our God is our creator.  How amazing is our God.  Everyday, we are learning the lessons of life. Everyday is a living experience. We do have good times and bad times but we must remember that God is for us and He is constantly blessing us. So, we should begin to COUNT OUR BLESSINGS.

What we have today is exactly what God wants us to have.  Our family, our friends,a job – even it is a small one, a roof over our heads, our meals and clothes that we wear.  We should take what we have  and make the most out of it.    We must believe that God has equipped us to live today. Today is what I have and I must live today to the fullest.  We are called to live every moment doing what God wants me to do and to be happy in His love , trusting in Him alone.  I must believe that Our God is on the Throne and whatever He has given me today, is all that I need for today.  When the moment comes, God will give me much more.

We must remember that we are Precious in God’s eyes.   Let us go deep into the words, PRECIOUS.  Precious means something of great price and high value.  How many of us really and truly believe that we are something of GREAT PRICE AND HIGH VALUE.  God is calling each one of us to believe in Him and in ourselves.  David had a sling and a few small stones and with this he conquered Goliath.  He did not wear any armour.  If did, he might have lost the battle because it would have weighed him down.  So what he had was the best to fight Goliath.  So we must put on our armour of faith, love and especially trust in God.  With this, God will take us places that we never dreamed of.

God gave us Jesus Christ and He dwells in our hearts.  With Him, we are achievers and believe me, what you and I have today, is what God wants us to have.  Tomorrow is another day and if we are lacking tomorrow, God will come and breathe on the little that we have and make it PLENTY FOR US.  If we use what God has given us, He will multiply what we have and bless what we have.  With God, we will never be in want.  If we do not have today, tomorrow God will give us more and we will be in a position to help others. We must believe that we are UNIQUE and SPECIAL –  There is no one on this whole wide earth who can ever be like me, like you. So, I must be me and you must be you.  We must do what God wants us to do.  What he has given us today is what we need for today. Remember, tomorrow is another day.  God has given us what we need to do today according to His Holy Will and we must rejoice that we have today.  This morning we woke up while many did not.  What we have today is LIFE, so let us live it doing what God wants me to do today.  

I would like to remind you that you and I are God’s MASTER PIECE – So let us go about today knowing that ‘I AM GOD’S MASTER PIECE’ and there is no one else like me.  I am Unique and Special and remember that we are the children of God and that we lack nothing.   Let us live today knowing that we are PRICELESS.  Wow! this is so comforting.




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