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Are We Communicating with God – A Reminder to Prayer.

A Reminder to Pray!

This morning I went for Mass and I went early for Mass.  For those of us who can go to daily Mass, I think we should make that added effort to not only go for Mass but to be there on time.  We should pray the Mass devoutly and receive Holy Communion in the State of Grace.  In Holy Communion Jesus Christ comes to dwell in our hearts.  He comes to give us strength to live the day accordingly to the Will of Our Heavenly Father.

It is very important to remember that when we communicate with Our Heavenly Father, we pray through Jesus Christ His Son and by the Power of the Holy Spirit. We, on our own do not have the power to pray and call God, Our Father without the Holy Spirit.

To have a relationship with God, we must pray (communicate with Him.)  Personal Prayer is very important – atleast once a day.  We can pray the daily readings of the Mass and meditate or we can read the gospel of the day and meditate.  God speaks through His word.  For spiritual strength, it is important for us to read and meditate on His word.  We make sure that we do not skip a meal because if we do, then we will go hungry and our bodies would become weak.  In like manner, it is absolutely important for us to read and study God’s word.  His word is food for our soul.  If we do not read and meditate on God’s word, we would remain ignorant to what God wants us to do and our soul would become sick.

My dear people, if an individual wants to be healthy and strong in mind, soul and body and draw closer to God who help them in their difficulties and be present in their joys, that individual should read God’s word and meditate. 

I am sure that you are aware of what happens when we eat food.  We chew the food and when we swallow the same, it travels to the stomach where it is digested and then distributed to all parts of the body, thus strengthening our body.

Let me explain what happens when we hear the Word of God being read or when we read His Holy word.  When we hear the word of God being read, the word enters through our ear and travels down to our hearts.  The Word of God is alive and active. When the word of God reaches our hearts, the word that is alive begins to work in our hearts.  The spiritual energy is then used to take us closer to God and to our neighbour.  The love for God, for ourselves and our neighbour begins to grow in our hearts.  When we look at others, we begin to see others through the eyes of Christ Jesus and our whole life has a New Meaning.  We now know that we have a mission to love God and serve God with our whole being and to love our neighbour as we love ourselves.  We then begin to act like our Master, Our Lord Jesus Christ and we begin a live of love, charity and mercy.

We can pick any time of the day that is convenient for us to pray personal prayer.  Now there is something else that I would like to add here.  When we are really and truly in love with someone – what do we do.  We think of them constantly and if we could we would try to communicate with them often during the day.  In like manner we are all called to fall in love with God – The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit – The One Triune God.  When we are in love with God, we will constantly keep in touch with Him.  We would think of Him constantly and we would do His Holy Will.

So my dear people try your best not to miss one day without having personal prayer.






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