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Mary of the Cross MacKillop – The First Australian Saint – Can we try to be like Her?

  1. Photo: Mary of the Cross MacKillop, Pray for us.
    I feel inspired to mention a few points about the First Australian Saint.
    1.      She followed the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.
    2.      When she was young she had the responsibility of going to work at an early age to support her family as her father did have
              problems with holding a job.
    3.      Her aim was to educate the poor children and teach them about Jesus Christ.
    4.      She did begin the order of the Josephite nuns.
    5.      She was ex-communicated because of a misunderstanding but was reinstated after a year, I think.
    I just randomly selected 5 points.  We could now try to compare  our lives with this great saint.  She did follow the
    inspirations of the Holy Spirit.  Are we able to listen to the promptings of the Holy Spirit and are we daring enough to
    implement the strategies in our lives and help others as well?  Are we capable of holding a job and being responsible in our job?  Are we committed and do we work honestly?  Do we squander our money or do we use it wisely?  Do we share our money with our family?  Do we have a desire in our hearts to educate children in the ways of Our Lord Jesus Christ.  We can begin with our own children and with the extended family.  We can teach them Christian Values and help them to develop a desire to learn more about Christ Jesus and to have a desire to Live A  Holy Life.  Maybe, we can become Catechists in our parish or get involved with the Teen Groups – helping teenagers to continue on their journey with Jesus Christ as their companion and friend or you could get involved with helping the Youth form a group and be active Spiritually (prayer, adoration and by getting leaders of other groups to come over and give talks), Physically (can arrange games and sports in the parish premises to help flourish healthy relationships and to keep healthy.  It is important to get the youth interested in keeping fit and to get them interested in various types of activities and health programs.  The main aim should be to help the youth to have a desire to keep fit and healthy all the days of their lives).  We could train the youth to be mentally and emotionally strong by having various types of programs such as Inner Healing, to build their confidence, to train them to be able to relate with all types of people.  I also think it is important to teach youth about endurance.  Many youth give up when things begin to get difficult.  They are unable to see a way out of their problems.  Some youth may have pressures from family, peer groups, at their work places etc. etc.  They could be taught strategies of how to cope in difficult situations.  Every single youth and person is precious in the eyes of God.  There are many times that we commit the sin of omission and we will definitely be answerable to God for sins of omission.  Are we ready to dare to do something for the community like Mary of the Cross?  Are we prepared to share with those who have less?  Are we prepared to listen the promptings of the Holy Spirit and to make a path where others have not trod.  It will not be easy to try to do the above but we should have the strength and the courage of the Holy Spirit to persevere.  There might or might not be opposition but we need to keep on keeping on and God will send people our way to help us achieve His Holy Will on earth.
    So, let us keep Mary of the Cross as our example and try to be the Kind of Person that God has created us to be!
    My aim is to reach people in all countries.  So,  I would request those who read this article and like what they read, can encourage those in other countries besides Australia to access this blog  and try to implement some of the things in their lives, their families, extended families, communities and parishes.

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