Reaching out to Catholic/Christians Individuals/Families


Wow!  Another year has begun. Do we have to be afraid of anything? I guess not. Our aim should be to stay close to Our Lord Jesus Christ and to trust that His Holy Spirit will lead and guide us throughout this New Year! Should we think only of ourselves and of our families? Well, I guess not. We should be outward looking. Our prayers and concerns should be for those around us. We should become sensitive people – always looking out for people who need our care and concern.  We must remember to love those who are in need of our love.

  • I pass people on the road who are afraid to smile and say ‘Hello’ or ‘Good Morning’ or ‘Good Afternoon’ or ‘Good Evening’.  We are afraid to acknowledge someone whom we do not know or who we have not met before.  These days, I see families shopping together or at restaurants or sometimes people walking quite briskly – excercising I guess.  I wave to them and say, ‘Hi’ or ‘I guess, you are enjoying yourself with your family’ and then we get into a conversation and we have a laugh together.
  • If we have not cleared our Walk-in-Robes, our cupboards and our homes of things we do not need, I guess, it is time that we do that now. With the surplus that we have, we can share with those who have not. I guess, instead of having a Garage Sale and selling items for a dollar, we could source out people who are really in need and give them our extras or maybe, you can think of other ways of helping people who are really in need.
  • There are many ways to remind people about going to church.  When we get into conversation with people whom we do not know, we can always mention, ‘Oh! I have forgotten, I must hurry back home as I need to do something before going to church tomorrow morning or wear a Rosary around your wrist or around your neck or wear a cross around your neck.  We must be brave enough to let people know that we are Catholics/Christians.


So, My dear Readers, let us be people who are ready to EVANGELISE – BE READY TO HELP THOSE WHO NEED OUR HELP!


January 3, 2013 - Posted by | Catholicism, Charismatic Renewal, Christianity, Family, Friendship

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