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I wish all my Readers ‘A Very Happy Mother’s
Day and May God bless each one of you every
Day of Your Life with Countless and Amazing

Only when Girls grow up and experience Mother-
hood, it is only then that they realise all the
blessings they received from God through their

No human being is perfect and no Mother is
perfect, but the life that she gives her children
when she brings them forth into this world is
amazing.  For all those who are unable to forgive
their Mothers for something that they did or did
not do, let us today make a decision to forgive
our Mothers and also let us ask our Mothers to
forgive us for times when we hurt them knowingly
or unknowingly.  For those of us whose Mothers
are still alive, let us take them into our embrace
and tell them how much we love them and for
those of us whose Mothers are no more, we could
in our prayers tell them how much we love them
ask them to continue to pray for us.

Mother’s Day is also a Day when we think of
Jesus’ Mother.  As He was hanging on the Cross,
He gave John, the youngest apostle His Mother.
John represented the Church.  All Catholics
have the Mother of Jesus, Mary Our Mother
to take care of us.  She is always there by our
side,  interceding to Her Son, Jesus Christ on
our behalf.

Let us say One Hail Mary for all Mothers of the


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