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03/24/2012 Benedict XVI: ” The Second Vatican Council is a true sign of God” – Vatican Insider

Benedict XVI: ” The Second Vatican Council is a true sign of God”

In the video message sent to the national meeting organized by the French bishops in Lourdes to celebrate 50 years of the opening of Vatican II, the Pope’s message Vatican Insider Staff

The Second Vatican Council has been and remains a true sign of God for our time “and if we interpret” within the tradition of the Church and under the guidance of the Magisterium true and secure “will become” more and more powerful for the future of the Church. ”

And ‘this, in a nutshell, the message sent by the Pope in France, while in Mexico for his 23rd pastoral visit. Pope asks Catholics to Ratzinger, in the text released today by Vatican Radio, “a true spiritual and pastoral renewal” and the duty “tolearn more about the texts that the Council Fathers have left us a legacy and have not lost at all their value. ”

This is a “renewal, which takes place in continuity” – continues the pope – despite taking many forms. It should be “greater and greater openness to the person of Christ, finding in particular the taste of the Word of God, to reach adeeper conversion of our hearts and go along the streets of the world to proclaim the Gospel of hope to men and women of our time, in a respectful dialogue with everybody. ”


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