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Nothing is impossible for Those who believe in God!

Yes, my dear friends, nothing is impossible for those who believe in God. So, let us all shout to the Lord –
‘I Believe, I Believe, I Believe in You’. Yes, Our Lord Jesus Christ is worthy of our praise. There is no One Like our God. He alone is worthy! He is Our King!
Jesus Christ, the name above all names. Yes, the Love of Our Lord Jesus Christ is Greater than any other love. May the Name of Christ Jesus be lifted up.Let us all bow down and adore Our Lord and God. May we give Him all glory – May everything that we think, say and do give Him all the Glory.

Let us during this Lenten Season have our gaze on Christ Jesus. He suffered and died for each one of us. This afternoon I went to a friend’s house and she was building an additional garage, so she took me and showed me around the new building. We then walked into the garden and there was a large thorny bush which was bearing fruit. So,we were plucking the fruit and thorns
pierced my fingers so many times and it really did hurt.
During the Way of the Cross I was feeling the thorns piercing my fingers and I could imagine the excruciating that Christ felt when He was tortured and crown with thorns. If we keep the Suffering Christ in our minds during this Lent, we will surely be strong and brave to overcome all the odds and problems that come our way. This would strengthen us to be over-
comers and Nothing would be impossible for those who believe in a God – Our Lord Jesus Christ, who was so willing to empty himself and die for each one of us. Through His death He has taught us to be overcomers. When we believe in Him, impossible things become possible because of our faith in Him.

We must start declaring that the Gracious Hand of God will save us. We must all the time brag on God’s favour, then the more we will receive God’s favour. God’s gracious hand is on each one of us. We always think that other people have more talent, more money, more beauty, more everything and we become despondent. Even if people are against us and if they are trying to push us down, we must believe that God’s gracious hand is on us. If we believe thus, we are then Overcomers and we can very confidently say that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR THOSE WHO BELIEVE IN GOD!

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