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Sadness should not have a place in our lives.

My dear people, sadness should not have a place in our lives. You might ask me why am I speaking thus. Is it that I am so happy and that I do not experience sadness in my life? Well, I must say that every human being does experience sadness ever so often because of people, situations, mishaps in life etc. Sometimes, people allow themselves to drown in their sorrows and sadness.

Sadness comes knocking on the door of our lives ever so often but we should not give it a place where it can dwell. I am speaking through experience. We should get down on our knees and pray. What is prayer? Prayer is communicating with the Most High God. Having a conversation with Him. We should take all our worries and concerns to Him. Have a chat with Him through prayer and meditation and be sure that Christ Jesus would tell us to leave our burdens and sorrows at His feet and He would give us a lot peace, consolation and he would place in our hearts confidence and joy. If somebody does hurt us, in prayer we should forgive them and at the first opportunity make peace with them. If it is possible, we should tell them that we love them with the love of Christ Jesus. Forgiveness is the key to our own happiness. We should develop a practice to constantly forgive those who hurt or injure us but yes, sometimes, we do fail but when we take it to the Lord in prayer, He will give us the grace to forgive.

To forgive is very sweet and the joy that a person feels deep down in their hearts is inexpressable. No amount of words can express the joy and happiness that a person feels by forgiving another person. When we fail to forgive a person who has hurt us, we allow them to rob us of our joy and happiness and also if we hold any grudge or enemity against another, then God will also not forgive us. As much as we love another person, God will love us and as much as we forgive another person, God will forgive us.

Let us make it a point during this day to pray for those who have hurt us and I am sure that maybe in some way we might have hurt them without realising it. So let us in our hearts ask Christ Jesus to forgive us and if we get an opportunity to ask those who have hurt us in one way or another as to the reason why they acted thus. From then on we should make every effort to be thoughtful and extra kind to these particular people. I sometimes think that we take those who love us for granted. We should correct this attitude. From now on we should show extra love and concern for those who love us. I assure you that if we act thus, we would be the happiest people on earth and we would be making those who love us, also the happiest people on earth.
So sadness will go out the window and Joy, Peace and Happiness would enter our doorway and live with us forever!

The closer we go to Christ, the happier and peaceful we become. So, we must strive to go closer and closer to Christ. Now, how is it possible for us to draw closer to Christ. We could do so by communicating to Christ Jesus in prayer constantly. By praying ejaculations, such as JESUS, I LOVE YOU. JESUS, I NEED YOU. JESUS BE EVER AT MY SIDE. JESUS, YOU ARE MY JOY AND HAPPINESS, ALWAYS. JESUS, YOU ARE MY HEALER. JESUS, YOU ARE MY ROCK AND MY SALVATION!

When we pray constantly and stay close to Christ, we would be the happiest people living on this earth and we should take all those around us to experience this great joy and happiness. Happiness is contagious. So stay close to those who pray and make it a practice to pray constantly yourselves and be a blessing to ourselves and to those around us.


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