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God’s Love is Free!

Sometimes Life deals us a blow and we are stunned and then we ask ourselves, “Why me, Lord?” “Why did you choose me to suffer thus?” We then begin to question God’s love for us. We think to ourselves that we have been so faithful to God and we are not able to understand why God has allowed a tragedy into our lives.  A tragedy could be as follows :

  • The loss of a loved one.
  • Great Financial Loss in a business.
  • Shocking and sad news when the Doctor tells either a family member, or our friend or even us that we have a disease or sickness that is incurable or that we cannot have a baby.
  • Maybe when we suddenly feel lonely and deserted and think that there is nobody in this world who cares for us.

Each individual or family at sometime or the other faces tragedies in their lives.  For each individual or families, tragedies vary and are different.  The question now is, how do we behave when we are confronted with tragedies. 

  • Do we give in to our sorrow and have a ‘Pity Party?’
  • Do we take to drinking and getting drunk.
  • Do we rebel against God?
  • Do we indulge in food?
  • Do we become housebound – Meaning afraid to leave our homes and afraid to meet people?
  • Do we stop praying and believing in a Great and Loving God?

I can go on and on.  As you read this article, you will know the situation you are in or maybe a family member or a friend or an acquaintance?

My dear people, I think it is time that we get down on our knees and pray to this Wonderful and Awesome God, who created us because His love for us is so great.  A God who sent His only begotten son to die for each one of us so that we would have new and everlasting life.

Lent is a Season for us to spend sometime to think of all our blessings and to thank God for every single blessing that He has given us so freely.  We do not have to pay for His blessings.  He has given blessings to us freely.  We must pray constantly and rejoice that we have a Great Big God like Our God and that there is no other like Him.  We must sing and dance and praise God.m  When we are happy in God’s presence, He will give us the strength and courage to handle problems, worries and tragedies that come our way.

Everything that we have does not belong to us.  God has lent everything that we have.  So, when it is time for God to take away from us, things that belongs to Him but that which He has only lent us, who are we to question Him.

So, my dear people, let us enjoy all the things that God has so generously given us.  From this m0ment on, let us make a decision to be kind and generous to those whom we work with, live with – our neighbours, our relatives, our friends, our parishioners etc.  When we open our mouths to speak, may we be gentle with our words and actions.  May we do unto people what we would like done to ourselves.

I think, it is time for each one of us to spend some quiet time in front of the Blessed Sacrament and pray that Christ Jesus will make us kind people.  That Christ would transform us during this Lent so that we would be Christlike.  Before we wound or humilate anybody, may we stop and think, ‘What would Christ do in this situation?  I would like to remind you that it is always very important before we do anything, it is always good to think, ‘What would Christ Jesus do in this situation?’

Now that we have meditated for a while. What do you think Christ Jesus is telling? Have a book or a diary and write down the messages that Christ Jesus is giving you. It is good to record these messages.

This is what Christ Jesus is telling me:

‘My dear Florence, I love you very, very much. Your smile warms my heart. When I see you on your knees in prayer, especially when you are in church, I come to your side and I sit beside you and I hold you in my arms. I whisper in your ear that I love you and when I look into your heart, I can see your great love for me, my Heavenly Father and the Holy Spirit and I am pleased.
Continue to love me, my child and continue to love those around you and your enemies as well. When I look into your heart, I see so much of love for your enemies and for those who hurt you and this love of yours is like a balm for the wounds that I got during my passion. Continue to love all those around you with the Love of My Father which He has so generously poured into your heart. You are rich because of the love we have poured into your heart. Give Our love generously to those around you, because they need it and we will replenish you with Our Love.”

I am so happy to hear Christ Jesus speak so lovingly to me. I many times wonder, what did I do, to deserve Christ’s love. Well, I have done nothing to deserve His love. His love is free.

If you want to continue to meditate on God’s Love, I invite you to do so now.

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Pope: “Man’s biggest temptation is to remove God” – Vatican insider 27th February, 2012

St. Peter’s Square
During his recital of the Sunday Angelus, Benedict XVI reminded how Christians need to practice penitence and prayer and how the Father reveals himself in unexpected ways. The week of the Curia’s spiritual exercises begins
Vatican Insider Staff

“I also commend to your prayers the week of Spiritual Exercises that I begin this evening with my collaborators of the Roman Curia.”

This was Benedict XVI’s address to faithful,before the Angelus, announcing the beginning of the Lent retreat he will take part in together with the Curia’s clerics starting from 6pm today until next Saturday in the Redemptoris Mater chapel in the Apostolic Palace. This year the, for the very first time, Pope has chosen n African cardinal from the Congo, Laurent Monsengwo Pasinya, Archbishop of Kinshasa, to give a sermon on the subject of “The Communion of a Christian with God.”

During the Angelus, the Pope commented on this Sunday’s Gospel passage, about Jesus being tempted by Satan in the desert “The temptation to remove God, to order our lives and the world on our own, relying solely on our own abilities.”

Addressing the crowd in St Peter’s Square, the Pope said “The desert … may indicate the state of abandonment and loneliness, the “place” of man’s weakness where there are no supports and certainties, where temptation becomes stronger.”

“But,” he added, “it may also indicate a place of refuge and shelter, as it was for the people of Israel who escaped from slavery in Egypt, where we can experience the presence of God in a special way.”

Today’s passage according to Ratzinger teaches us that “as long as he lives, man is never wholly free from the temptation … but with patience and true humility we can become stronger than any enemy.” “Patience and humility” he explained with great fervour “ to follow the Lord every day, learning not to build our lives outside of Him, as if he did notexist, but in Him and with Him, because He is the source of true Life.”

He invited people to have faith in God and to yield every day their lives to his will, turning each action and thought towards Good. Benedict XVI then remarked that “The season of Lent is a time to renew and strengthen our relationship with God through daily prayer, acts of penance, works of fraternal charity.”

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Mon 27th February, 2012 – Lent

To download Lenten Calendar 2012 Archbishop’s Office for Evangelisation
(click here) and then click on “Lenten Calendar 2012″. Damian Coleridge prepared the Advent Calendar. He is Parish Support Coordinator with the Archbishop’s Office for Evangelisation.

“Behold the One beholding you and smiling. God is just too busy loving us to have any time left for disappoint-
ment. It is truly hard for us to see the truth that disapproval doesn’t seem to be part of God’s DNA. ‘Take today’s Gospel to heart: ‘I was hungry and you gave me food.’

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