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Be Still and know that I am Lord – Listen to my voice

Surrender is very important in our lives. Let us surrender ourselves totally and completely to the Will of Our Heavenly Father. What He wants, should be what we want. His Will should be our will.

Yes, I have been continuing to do what God’s wants me to do. I have not changed anything. Till today during Mass, I always fall at Christ’s feet and I touch His right pierced foot.

Everyday, I wait on the Lord and listen to what He has to say to me. So far, whatever He has been telling me is the same. Nothing is changed.

My dear friends, it is very important that each one of us surrender totally and completely to God this lent. That we fast and pray and listen for His voice. Christ is always talking and it is very necessary that we listen. He will talk to each one of us in different ways. We must be attentive to His Voice.

I leave you to meditate on what I have written. Pray for a few minutes and then close your eyes. Concentrate on the face of Christ Jesus. Silence your mind and stop listening to the sounds around you. Be silent and still and wait on the Lord. As I said Christ is always talking to us but we are preoccupied and hence we are not able to listen. So when we are silent, then we would be able to hear the voice of God.

So Be still, silent and listen…………..


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  1. It all begins with that silence – then we can hear. Great post!

    Comment by Rich Kenney | February 24, 2012 | Reply

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