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God is Good! He is Good all the Time!

Well, my friends these past weeks I have received wonderful news on two occasions and I am rejoicing and thanking God for being so awesome.

I am sure that you my friends would also be experiencing God’s blessings in your life. God knows how to bless and we should have big hands of faith to receive His blessings. It is very important for us to become selfless. Only then our blessings would increase and multiply. We must not always expect blessings for us alone. We should always look at the bigger picture and see God’s blessings around us. When others are blessed we must be happy and feel blessed ourselves as well.

Yes, Our God is Greater and He is higher and He is Good all the time! Our God is Holy and there is none like Him. Yes, He is higher and we must lift Him higher with our Praise and Thanksgiving.

It is very important for us to look for goodness in those around us. Believe me my friends, when we look at those around us, we will definitely find goodness because God is present everywhere. If we look to the Heavens, He is there. If we look deep down in the ocean, He is there. If we look to the East and to the West, to the North and to the South, God is present. He is present in every nook and corner. God is everywhere and hence His goodness is everywhere. How blessed are we? Yet at most time it is very difficult for us to see God’s Goodness everywhere.

When we are aware of God and His goodness near us and everywhere, we become strong and confident. We must surrender ourselves to Our Awesome God and allow Him to do His Holy Will in our lives. When we surrender to His Holy Will, God’s Goodness overshadows us and we come into God’s Holy Presence. When we are in His Holy Presence, we then absorb His Goodness and we received His countless blessings not only for us but for our families, our friends, our neighbours, for our parishes and for the whole wide world.

What do you think we do when we are in His Presence. I will tell you what I do when I am in His Presence. I become jelly. I just want to lie flat on my face and worship God in total humility. We are but grains of sand when compared to Our Great Big God who is Goodness itself. All I can do when I am on face before my God is to enjoy His Presence, enjoy His Peace and Love.

God is all caring and all loving. He wants us to be happy all the time but He wants us to be in His Holy Presence all the time. No matter what we are doing, it is very important that we do it in His Presence.

Have you heard people saying – ‘Why are you bringing Jesus Christ into this conversation – Just leave Him out of this conversation.’ I am always surprised and shocked when I hear people talk thus. We need to bring Christ Jesus into every conversation, into every gathering, into every family, into every neighbourhood
hood, into our parishes, our country and the whole wide world. Our entire world needs to be 24 x 7 in God’s presence. Spread the word around my dear friends about how important it is for the whole wide world to be in God’s presence 24 x7.

I leave you to think about what I have written. Please do give it deep thought. See how you can bring God into your homes, streets, Malls, parishes, your country and the whole wide world. Think! Think! and pray my dear friends and God will talk to you in your heart and He will teach you.

  • It is very important for you to know and always remember that each one of us is a Temple of the Holy Spirit.
  • We have this Great Big God who is backing us.
  • David won the battle against Golaith.  His only weapon was a sling and ofcourse he had God’s favour.

I do not think we need anything else.  If we have God’s favour, we have everything.  So my dear friends – Be Happy and make others happy!


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