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God is Smiling Down on Each One of You!

My dear Friends, how many of you are aware that God is your friend and that He is happy that you are alive and that you are aware that He is your God.

God created each one of us because of His Great love for you and me. We being alive gives Him great glory. So it is very important for us to be happy that we are alive and we worship a great big God as Our God.

It was not by chance or accidence that we are Catholics/Christians. God in His goodness and mercy chose each one of us and called us by name. We are special to Him and believe me, my dear friends, His gaze is on each one of us every minute, every second and why do you think His gaze is on us? He is in Love with each one of us and that is why His gaze is on us. God is love and because He is love, He knows only how to love us.

If difficulties, problems, sickness, financial stress should come confront us, it is because God has allowed these things to happen to us. Why do you think God has allowed bad things to happen to us. Is it because He hates us? No, He allows us to have problems because it is through suffering that we are purified and we are brought closer to Him. He loves us so much that He longs to have us in His arms. We must believe that Christ Jesus loved us so much that He came down to die for each one of us.

For those of you out there who are doubting in God’s great love and tender mercy, I urge you to come back to God for He is waiting for you with open arms. The 22nd of February is Ash Wednesday – the beginning of lent. This is the time of the year for us to return to God – to be sorry for our sins – to make a good confession – to be inward looking and to see how we could become better people. This is the time for us to be charitable to one another in our thoughts, words and deeds.

Give all your problems, sorrows, joys, difficulties even your happiness. Give it all to Jesus Christ. He will purify all that we give Him and He will return it to us purified and blessed. We are so lucky that Christ Jesus is Our Lord and Master. His love for us has no bounds.

I am going to close my eyes for a minute and if Christ Jesus gives me a message I will share it with you.

Well, I can see Christ Jesus – He is wearing a white garment and He is walking towards me. I can see His nail pierced hands and feet. He is showing me his nail pierced hands and feet and He is telling me that He willing died on the cross because of His great love for us all and also for His great love for the whole wide world.

He is telling me that He wants us all to run into His arms. He says, ‘Come to me and I will give you rest’. He says that people when they face trouble and trials, they run away from me. He says tell my people that especially when they have problems, they need to come running to me because only I can help them. I will give them all the graces that they need to live from one day to the next.

I can see His hair moving in the wind and a great beauty on His face. He looks radiant and He says, ‘Come!’ I can see myself running towards Him. It looks like He is on the beach and I am finding it hard to run on the beach because the sand is moving under my feet. I am now in His arms but I cannot feel Him because Christ is Spirit. Everytime He holds me, He is spirit and whenever I am in His arms, I am being healed in mind, soul and body and I feel very happy.

My dear friends, this is an exercise for you when you read this article. You will see Christ the way I have described Him. Run into His arms and allow Him to hold you and heal you. You will find peace that surpasses all understanding.

As Christ holds you, tell Him all your problems. Believe me, He is your best friend. He is your Saviour and Healer. He will listen and He will help you but you must believe because only faith can heal you. Only faith can make you well in mind, soul and body. When you are with Christ, take your family and friends to Him for blessing. May all of us can sit down on the beach with Christ Jesus and He will teach you how to do God’s Holy Will. He will chat with you and He will become your close friend. This is what He wants. He wants to have a close relationship with each and everyone of us. The question is? Are we ready?

Some food for thought. Let us examine ourselves and see what is it that we want from Christ Jesus. Are we ready to love Him unconditionally – that no matter whatever situation that we are in, we would love Him. Love is not love unless it is expressed, so are we ready to express our love to Christ? I leave you with this question? Think and answer yourself and Christ. He is waiting for your answer, my friends!


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  1. This is so good. I love to come here always for that wonderful and loving way you have of presenting God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit to us. Keep it up and I will be back, as I watch for you always. God Bless, SR

    Comment by SR | February 20, 2012 | Reply

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