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Christ is the Annointed One

Yes, ny dear people, Christ is the Annointed One. He is the Son of God. He came down to the earth to teach us to be happy while we are journeying to our Heavenly Kingdom. Christ Jesus emptied Himself of all His Glory and Majesty and He came down to the earth to save His people.

For those people out there who are worried because of problems either big or small – whether it is financial problems or health. Maybe some of you are lonely and sick. Maybe some of you are living in fear and anxiety.
My dear people, whatever be your problems, Christ Jesus said, ‘Be not afraid, for I am with you until the end of time.’ Christ Jesus is ensuring you that He is with you and nobody can harm you in anyway if you trust in Him totally and completely.

We need to get down on our knees and worship this great big God of Ours. He is all powerful and majestic because He is the Son of God and because He was obedient unto death. He was lashed and beaten. He was crowned with thorns. He was mocked at and laughed at. Imagine the Son of God, the Annointed One being ridiculed and tortured and finally He was crucified on the Cross. He died but He rose again on the third day and Satan was defeated.

My dear people, take out your bible and ready Psalm 23, Psalm 91 and read other psalms that would give you strength and comfort. Also read psalms of praise. Let us praise Our God who was ready to lay down His life for His friends and enemies – for the entire world.

Let us rejoice and sing for we have been saved by Our God, Our Lord Jesus Christ. Sorrow has no place in our hearts – Love, Joy and Peace take over our minds and hearts. We must jump and sing praises to our God because there is none like Him. He is Glorious in Majesty and He reigns.

At our baptism, we were also annointed to do God’s Holy Will on this earth. Each one of us have been given a mission. We need to pray and ask God and He will reveal to us His mission.

As I am writing this article, I can see Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I can see Him standing in a desert. The wind is blowing in His hair and dust and sand is flying all around. I can see that His eyes are blue and He is looking into the distance. Jesus Christ has a message for you and for me. He says that some of us are still in the desert. He says that being in the desert is very hard and very difficult. He says, ‘Follow me and I will lead you all to the Oasis.’
You can come and refresh yourselves with me. Come and let us have some rest near cool and restful waters.’ I know that you are thirsty and hungry. Come to me and I will give you rest. I will give you food that will refresh and revive you. Stay close to me and there will be nothing to fear. I am your Lord, He says and I will sustain you during your difficult days on this earth.

Christ Jesus says, Read your bibles, meditate of my words – on words that will give you comfort. Try and attend daily Mass, receive me in Holy Communion and I will shelter you in my Most Sacred Heart. Come and rest in my arms and I will comfort you. Recite the rosary and meditate on the mysteries and my Mother Mary will send angels to protect you from any harm or evil. She is my mother and she protected and cared for me when I was a human being and when I was little. Love my Mother Mary and she will pray for you always and God will send abundant blessings into your family and into your lives. My suggestion is if anybody needs special blessings, go to a priest if one is available and ask him to bless you with Holy Water and to pray for you.

For any of you who are disturbed in any way, go and sit beside Christ Jesus near the Oasis and you will find comfort like you have been comforted before. You will find protection, like you have never experienced before.

My dear people, Jesus Christ is the Answer. Trust in Him and He will never desert you. Sing praises to Our God for His Love never ends. The Lord is standing with His arms wide open. Come my dear friends and run into His arms where you will find solace, comfort, joy, love, forgiveness, peace, blessings etc. My friend, this is where you belong. Each one of us belong with Christ Jesus!


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  1. You did such a great job on this. Your uplifting spirit is just wonderful. You could lift a gopher out of his hole, girl:>) This is really good. God Bless, SR

    Comment by SR | February 18, 2012 | Reply

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