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Amazing Grace – How sweet the Sound!

Amazing Grace, How sweet the sound – The angels are singing!

Everyday we face different situations.  We receive countless blessings which sometimes we are not able to identify, see or acknowledge the countless blessings we do receive everyday because God is so amazing and His love for us has no bounds.  To be in God’s presence is the greatest blessing ever.  Because when we are in His presence, there is a peace deep down in our hearts that surpasses all understanding.  There is definitely no one like Our God.  Every moment of our lives it is essential that we praise and give God all the glory.  When we give God all the glory, He raises us up and we are taken into His presence. 

God’s grace alone is enough for us.  When St Paul said to the Lord that there was a thorn in his flesh and he requested God to remove that thorn – It could have been some sickness, or some difficulty that was very annoying but God said, ‘My Grace alone is enough for you.’

It is so true.  Many martyres have died for the love of Christ.  Why were they willing to die for Christ?  Well, my dear people, that is the awesomeness of the Grace of God.  When St Joan of Arc was burning at the stake, she was looking towards Heaven.  I somehow feel that she did not feel any pain as she was burning at the stake because if she did, I am sure she would have screamed with the pain.  But she was looking towards heaven and I am so sure, that she would have either seen Christ Himself and there must have been a multitude of angels along with Our Blessed Mother Mary and they would have given her all the strength and courage that she needed and she would have been so happy and caught up with this heavenly sight that she would not have felt herself burning.  That is what Grace does to the people who love God.

So, today I want you to keep your gaze on Christ Jesus.  You, your family or your friends could be sinking in life’s ocean of troubles but do not look at your troubles.  Look only at Christ Jesus.  Let Him become large and looming in your life.  Your troubles would be nothing in comparision to the Love of Christ.  As you continue to look at Christ Jesus, His beauty would engulf you and you would be transported to heaven and the troubles and trials of this life would be so insignificant that you would wonder what were you worrying about?  This is what God’s Amazing Grace can do for each one of us.

So, my dear people I earnestly urge you to keep your gaze on Christ Jesus for He is the Lover of Your Soul, My Soul and the Lover of those who seek Him in all sincerity.  Christ Jesus loved us unto death.  He died so that you and I might live and if you or me were the only ones on this earth and we needed Him to die for us so that we would be saved, He would come down to die for you and me so that we would be with Him in this world and forever in the next.

I also urge you to pray for yourselves, your families, your friends and for the peoples of the world, especially for those suffering in similar ways as yourselves. It is also important that you constantly sing praise to God in your heart.

So, Be Happy my dear friends and Trust in Jesus alone.


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  1. This is a good post and one that which reminds us of the love of Christ in our lives. Thanks for posting. Good job! SR

    Comment by SR | February 15, 2012 | Reply

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