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Let us Give Glory to God

Let us give glory to Our God. Our God, who is our Lord and Saviour.  This week end I am sure all of us or most of us would have gone to church and attended Mass.  The Eucharist is the greatest and the highest form of prayer.

Eucharist means  ‘Thanksgiving’ and this weekend we have thanked God for all his countless blessings that he has given our family and friends and our parish.

Today, Our Lord Jesus Christ blessed our families, our parish and the entire world.  He blessed every human being and every living creature.  Our finite minds are not able to comprehend the love that Christ Jesus has for each one of us. 

God has created us to give Him Glory.  How can we give God Glory.  We can give Him glory by following His Commandment of Love.  When we love God, we would automatically love our neighbour and those around us.  Believe me, my dear people, God will give us the grace to love and to do good towards our enemy.  The grace of God is awesome and our prayer should be for God to give us grace to live according to His Holy Will.

My earnest prayer and request is that when you go to church, my dear people do not doubt even for a minute that Christ Jesus has abandoned you.  When you are having great problems, believe me that Christ Jesus is carrying each one of you on His shoulders.  He never abandons us – not even for a split second.  His loving gaze is constantly on each one of us.  When you believe, then your faith becomes a spiritual hand and you are able to receive all the blessings that God is handing over to each one of us.  That is why it is very important for us to believe – to have faith.  My earnest request is never doubt in God – never doubt in His power and never ever doubt that God wants to bless each one of us and that when He blesses, He always gives us His best and special blessings. 

I would like to teach you how to look into the eyes of Christ Jesus.  Close your eyes and say a prayer – Call out to Christ to come and rescue you.  Call out to Christ to come and save you.  My dear people, when you call, He will come.  Keep your eyes closed and with your spiritual eyes see the eyes of  Christ Jesus looking at you.  His eyes would be bright and shining -His hair would be flying in the wind – the wind of the Holy Spirit and His loving gaze would fill your heart and soul with His love, joy and peace.

I leave you to do this exercise.  Try it and you will find the Son of God gazing into your eyes – gazing into your soul and you will find peace that surpasses all understanding.  Enjoy Christ’s company.

I would like to end with the Glory Be!

Glory Be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit.  As it was in the beginning is now and ever shall be world without end, Amen.

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