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Give God all the Glory! Praise Him all you people! Place Him on His Throne!

Every morning when we wake up, we should be grateful to God for the life that He has given us and we need to thank Him and Trust Him that He is in charge of our day, of our family, of our Parish and of the entire world. We need to look at Him with eyes of faith, of love and of total surrender, knowing that our life belongs to Him and to no other. We are just loaned to each other in this world because we are placed here to do His Holy Will.

Our God is an awesome God, He reigns! Yes, He reigns!
For me personally, it is very comforting to know that God is control of my life and of the entire world because He reigns. Believe me, my dear people, it gives me great comfort and strength to know that Our God Reigns. It is very important to exalt Our God and to proclaim that there is no one like Our God. He alone is Holy. He alone is Lord. The Name of Jesus Christ is above all other Names. Every knee that bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.

For those of you who are going through great difficulties in your life, in your family, in your neighbourhood or in your work place. Do not give up. Just hold on for the Lord is coming to your rescue. You must believe. You must have faith. Our Pope Benedict XVI said that cure for any illness is faith. Yes, I agree with that. Faith is the cure for any illness or any problem that one is facing is this life. The word of God says ‘Faith can move mountains’.
You must believe that God is in CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE. He is in our midst and He is aware of everything that is happening to each one of us. He is aware of our every thought, He can hear every word that we speak and He can see every action of ours. Hold on my dear people, Christ Jesus is coming to our aid. Let us rejoice that we have our dear Christ and that He has conquered death and sin and He has set us free.

We must put on a Garment of Praise, then God will be able to come to set us free from our problems, diseases, sickness. When He comes, He brings healing to mind, soul and body and gives each individual peace and happiness. In a storm, we can feel calm when He is with us. So, we have to keep on praising God every moment of the day, then Christ Jesus will come and set free from any burdens, sorrows or sickness.

It is important to enter His Gates with Thanksgiving in our hearts and to enter His courts with Praise. Then, we walk into His sanctuary and we would continue to be there praising and worshiping God. When we are in God’s presence, evil is kept at bay and we can keep the evil at bay when we continue to be aware of God’s presence and continue to live in His presence.

Let us continue to surrender all our problems, illness, sickness, sadness, financial problems in God’s hands. Now that we have placed everything in His hands, we should only have our gaze on Christ Jesus. We must allow Christ Jesus to grow large in our lives. When we do this, there will be great joy, peace and happiness in our lives. So let us praise the Lord every moment of our lives and live in God’s presence. Praise the Lord! Alleulia!

So once again I repeat, let us thank God and let us sing His praises constantly. We must have a grateful heart and it is very important to count our blessings.
Then when we continue to praise God, He will come and dwell in our hearts, homes, our neighbourhood, our parishes, our country and the entire world. Praise the Lord! Alleluia!


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