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Fire! Fire! Fire! – We welcome the Fire of Holy Spirit upon each one of us. Come Holy Spirit! Come!

Yesterday, was the last day of the 10 day retreat that I attended. I personally love attending charismatic retreats. It gives me great joy to be in the midst of retreatants. The preacher, whether it be a priest or a lay person, always leads the retreatants to Christ who is our healer, our sanctifier.

The talks were edifying. The retreatants were full of zeal and joy. At any charismatic retreat, there is always great expectancy that the Holy Spirit would either come in a quiet way or come with great manifestation.

This evening after Mass, all the retreatants, the priest and the preacher all held hands and we were praying for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon each one of us. The choir was singing beautifully and most of us had a eyes closed because we simply could not keep our eyes opened. After about five minutes of praying, singing, praying in tongues and also crying out the words Fire! Fire! Fire of the Holy Spirit, when as ususal I found myself falling down (I was slain in the spirit). My falling down was so gentle and I fell on my back. I surprised the two retreatants who was standing on either side of me – (ofcourse, we were holding hands, so they helped me to have a gentle fall). My fall was so gentle – it seemed as if my Guardian Angel held me in his arms and gently laid my on the floor. I rested for about 5 minutes on my back. I normally fall on my back and then I gently turn and rest on my right side, placing my right hand to support my head. This time when I fell, my head rested on somebody’s handbag. So, I continued to rest on my back and I felt very comfortable. So, I think it is only befitting to say,

While I was resting in the Holy Spirit, I could see little angels hovering around my face and then I could see Jesus Christ bending over me. I am sure He was continuing to heal me in mind, soul and body as He always does. Mother Mary, is my very dear friend and mother. She was hovering over me with great love and concern. A long time ago, Jesus Christ personally gave me His Mother. He told me, ‘My little One, I give my Mother to you. She will be with you always and she will take care of you.’ I love her very, very much because she is a real Mother to me.

Then with my spiritual eyes, I could see little angels all over the place. Christ Jesus and Mother Mary was walking over to each retreatant and blessing them. The fire of the Holy Spirit did settle on each one’s head. Each one of us present at the retreat was blessed tremendously. We were all waiting with great anticipation for God’s love, mercy and blessing in mind, soul and body and each one of us was blessed tremendously.

Our God is simply waiting for us to seek Him with a sincere heart and ask for His blessings for ourselves, our near and dear ones and for the whole wide world and when we pray, He hears and blesses. How blessed are we to have such an awesome God. Praise the Lord! Alleulia!

I will write again later, as the Holy Spirit prompts me to.


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  1. thanks Florence. Yes, myself and my wife and kids were also tremendously blest at Lalith’s/Bishop Prowse’s mission retreat—which is the one I presume you attended. It truly was uplifting and the practical guides to deepen our prayer life too. Am sure the Holy Spirit is working tremendously in many people’s lives and there will surely be a powerful annointing on Melboure and renewal is in the air.

    Comment by Roy Baker (Narre Warren prayer group) | February 6, 2012 | Reply

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