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The Goodness of God

Everyday, we must thank God for all his goodness to each one of us. Every moment of our lives we must see God’s goodness in our lives. Yes, there will be many problems and obstacles in our lives but we must see God’s goodness in the little things that happens to us all the time.

  • I can walk.  I can talk.  I can laugh.  I can cry – when I cry tears stream down my face.  There are many people when they cry, no tears stream down their face because their tear bags are dry.
  • We need to taste and see that the Lord is Good.  We must begin to see every time we were protected.  Every time we received a blessing.  All good things come only from God.
  • How many times we have said, ‘I nearly had an accident’.  My dear friends, this was no co-incidence, it was God’s protection.
  • Some of us might have got a promotion recently and some of us might not but let us always look at the things that we have and not at the things that we do not have.  Let us make the best of what we have and give God all the glory.
  • When things look bleak and when things are going wrong for us, we must stay calm and trust in the Lord, because believe me my dear people, God is about to act and bless you.  So do not worry about the bad things that happen in our lives, let us get ready for restoration.  Believe me, God is waiting to restore our lives.  He is waiting to bless us in abundance, so we must live a life of praise and we must always have a grateful spirit.  Only then God will be able to bless in a way that will surprise those around us.
  • God is watching after you and your family. 
  • When the Isrealites were in the desert God provided them with food everyday.  They did not have to go and search for food.  Food was given to them and Our Great big God provided them with the food.
  • Many of us may be having so many problems and we might think that happiness has disappeared from our lives. But my dear people, when things are very low in our lives, Believe me that is when God is upto something in our lives.  Believe me, my dear friends, God is watching each one of us minutely and His love for us has no bounds.
  • God knows what you need and He will give it to us.  Some-body might come into your life  and that could be some-body God is sending into your life to give your blessings.
  • God might cause goodness and opportunity to come knocking on the door of your life.  We must simply give God glory every moment of us lives, even when everything looks bleak.  This evening I was feeling quite low in my spirit because I felt that I was being deprived of something that was my right as a Catholic.  Then Christ Jesus reminded me that during the day He provided for me in such a miraculous way and I did what I was wanting to do for a long time and I was really happy.  Yes, I did agree with the Lord.   I said, ‘Yes Lord, you provided for me to do and you made me happy.  Thank you Lord.”

Most importantly, we must forgive those who have hurt us and intercede to God to bless them as well.  Hatred, unforgiveness, ingratitude,  jealousy, pride, doubting God’s Goodness, anger etc  are blocks.  We should totally and completely surrender our lives to God and to His Holy Will and wait with great anticipation for an outpouring of His blessings.

For the next seven days, let us wait in great anticipation for God to bless each one of us, even those who hurt and harm us.  We must live everyday praising God for all the blessings that we are receiving and give Him all the Glory.  When we bless Him every moment of our lives, it is only then that He would be able to do great and wonderful things in our lives that would make those around us know that God is Great and Wonderful and that if He can bless you and me, then He is ABLE to bless all those around us.

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