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01/29/2012 – Benedict XVI: “Authority for Christians means service and love” – Vatican Insider – 30th January, 2012.

Benedict XVI: “Authority for Christians means service and love”

The Pope releases doves with youth members of “Azione Cattolica”
After the Angelus the Pope wanted to highlight the difference between the idea of divine and human authority and called for prayer for the Holy Land and people with Leprosy
Vatican Insider Staff
Vatican City

The Pope spoke of the International Day of intercession for peace in the Holy Land to be lived “in deep communion with the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem and the Custodian of the Holy Land,” invoking “the gift of peace for this land blessed by God.”

“Often for man authority means possession, power, domination, success. For God, however, authority means service, humility, love. It means entering the mind of Jesus who stoops to wash the feet of the disciples, who looks for the true good in man, who heals wounds, who is capable of a love so great that it gives life, because he is Love.” Benedict XVI reflected on this and reminded faithful that February 2nd marks the World Day of Consecrated Life.

Two other important events for today were also highlighted by the Pope:the proclamation today in Vienna, of the Blessed Hildegard Burjan, “lay woman and mother, who lived between the 19th and 20th Century, founder of the Sisters of Caritas Socialis” and the celebration of the World Day of Leprosy. With regards to the latter, as he greeted the Italian Association of friends of Raoul Follereau, the Pope said: “I would like to extend my encouragement to all those affected by this disease, as well as their caregiversand, in many ways, are committed to eradicating poverty and marginalization, the real causes of the persistence of this infection.”

At the end of the celebration, the Pope greeted a delegation of Catholic youth led by the Vicar of Rome, Cardinal Agostino Vallini, and together with them released two doves, a symbol of peace.


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