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01/15/2012 A boxing champion’s strange November night dream – Vatican Insider – 16 January, 2012

The Filipino world boxing champion, Manny Pacquiao says he dreamed of hearing the voice God, asking him to change his life. And this is just what he did
mauro pianta

For once it was him who was knocked out, but this time it was a dream that threw him to the ground. Manny Pacquiao is the first boxer in history to have won ten world titles in eight different boxing weight divisions. Pacman, as his numerous fans call him, has crushed many adversaries, breaking a number of records, including that of best paid sportsman in the world, with an annual income of 32 million dollars.

But what knocked the 33 year old Filipino boxer and politician (who in 2010 was elected as MP for the Province of Sarangani) to the ground was not another man, but a dream. A dream which, as he himself stated on the Philippine website ABS-CBN News, led him to turn his life around. Pacman has stopped gambling, drinking and womanizing and even declared that he has given up his favouring fighting cocks.

His reason for doing this is this: He had a dream about God. “If I had died last year or two years ago – the boxer said in a statement – I am sure I would have gone directly to hell.” The “vision” came to him one night last November, after his final combat with Mexican colleague Juan Manuel Marquez. “I was in a beautiful forest – he said – when a blinding light illuminated me and I heard a voice say: “My child, why are you moving away from me?” I woke up in tears.”

From that day on he started reading the Bible and says he found the answers to the dream he had had, in there: “In the past, God spoke to his people through dreams. So I really became convinced that the time had come for me to change my life. But I did not just change because I wanted to, but because God wanted me to. Being Christian means recognizing Christ as your saviour. Without Christ I would be nothing.”

These words seem surprising when coming from someone who has built a reputation as a self-made man. Pacquiao discovered his vocation for boxing at the age of ten, when he confronted two bullies who had assaulted his little brother in the street. That same street where he sold cigarettes to help his mother scrape a living. Then, when he reached the age of sixteen, he had his first fight in the ring. He has not stopped living the fast-life since then: success, money, marriage and four children. Al this ended on one strange November night; and without the need of his boxing gloves.


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  1. Beautiful & Amazing story of conversion. Thank u Florence!

    Comment by Deseree D'Navis | January 18, 2012 | Reply

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