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01/11/2012 Benedict XVI: “May evil not triumph within man’s heart” – Vatican Insider – 12th January, 2012

During this Wednesday’s General Audience, Benedict XVI spoke about the importance of the Eucharist that becomes “a source of strength” for those who are “tired, weary and disoriented”
Alessandro Speciale
vatican city

It was not just the live Cuban crocodile that was present during the celebrations for the 100th anniversary of the opening of Rome’s zoo: there were many other guests livening up this morning’s General Audience, including clowns, acrobats and jugglers from the circuses that have been in Rome for the past few days: the Medrano, Acquatico and Rony Roller circuses put on brief shows in the Vatican’s Paul VI Hall.

The first to perform was a clown dressed in blue, who pretended to trip on the stage stairs. He was followed by a group of Chinese acrobats who, despite being advised against it by Vatican security, formed a human pyramid before Ratzinger who watched them in amusement.

Before the arrival of the circus performers and the multilingual greetings sent out to the four thousand pilgrims that arrived from across the world, the Pope resumed the cycle of catecheses dedicated to prayer, focusing in particular on Jesus’ prayer during the Last Supper.

“The Eucharist – he said – is the food of pilgrims that becomes “a source of strength” for those who are “tired, weary and disoriented.” This is why each Christian has the duty to take part in it, so that “the evil we encounter in our lives may not triumph, and that the transforming power of Christ’s death and resurrection may act within each of us.”

Benedict XVI recalled Jesus’ call at the end of the Last Supper – “Do this in memory of me” he invited the men of today to “transform our crosses into free and responsible sacrifice, of love for God and our brothers.”

The hope, he added, must be that of being able “to respond to Jesus’ command” uniting our prayer with his “so that our life is not lost, despite our weakness and unfaithfulness, but transformed.”

But even before focusing on his words, Benedict XVI invited faithful to look at Jesus’ “gestures”, “the gestures of breaking and distributing the bread and sharing the cup of wine.” Gestures that remind us of the meals all of us eat in our homes: “The person who breaks the bread and passes the cup around – Benedict XVI said – is first of all the head of the family, who brings family members together around his table, but these gestures are also acts of hospitality, of inviting a stranger who does not belong to the family, to convivial communion.”

But, he added, “these gestures with which Jesus takes leave of his disciples, take on a whole new depth: Through the bread and wine Jesus offers and communicates Himself.” With the bread and wine that he offers during the Final Supper, “Jesus foresees his death and resurrection, fulfilling his words pronounced in the speech of the Good Shepherd” and thus “completely fulfilling his mission of total love and offering in obedience to the will of the Father.”

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