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New Year’s Resolutions! – 2012

I think we need to thank Baby Jesus for blessing each one of us during the Christmas Season.
I also think that it is very important for us to make New Year Resolutions. It is very important that we become better people.

  • In the past have we been people who find it hard to forgive others?  We then need to look deep into ourselves, examine our conscience and find a way of reconciling with those whom we have hurt or who have hurt us.
  • If we are regular church goers, have we helped others to come to church?  If we have not, then we should begin to evangelise.  Pray and ask Our Lord Jesus Christ and He will help us.
  • Have we been helping at home and doing our regular chores happily or have we been doing things just because it is expected of us.  It is very necessary that we be cheerful in whatever we do and bring happiness to those around us.
  • Do we use bad language?  For,  if we do, we need to correct our language.  If Jesus Christ was with us all the time, how do you think we would speak?
  • Do we spend a lot of time watching TV – Do we need to go for walks or excerise to keep healthy.

I have just put down a few resolutions that any individual could make.   Let us look into our lives and hearts and see what New Year Resolutions each one of us need to make.  Let us put on our Thinking Caps.


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