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01/ 8/2012 Benedict XVI: “God is the Father of each human being” – Vatican Insider – 9th January, 2012

The Angelus and baptisms during the last Sunday of the Christmas festivities, together with a heartfelt call from the Pope for a real commitment to education
Vatican Insider Staff

Over forty thousand people have attended the Angelus in St. Peter’s Square today, Sunday 8th of January, as the Church celebrates the baptism of the Lord and the long festive season comes to a close.

“God is the Father, individually, of every single human being: he has with him or her a unique and personal relationship. In the eyes of God we are all children. Life is a gift which needs to be always cherished” said Benedict XVI in the brief address before the Angelus. “Every one of us” he said, after presiding over the christening ceremony of 16 infants in the Sistine Chapel “is wanted and is loved by God”

He added “In this relationship with God we can become what we truly are through faith, deep personal acceptance, a ‘yes’ to God who is the origin and foundation of our existence and welcoming life as a gift from the Father who is in heaven. A parent I cannot see but whom I believe in and feel in the bottom of my heart to be a father to me and all other men, my brothers, a father who is infinitely good and loyal to us”.

To understand God as a father figure the Pope addressed all those who had come to St Peter’s square for the Angelus with the following advice “ Let us begin with understanding our role as children, this is the common foundation which we all share. We are not all parents, but we are certainly all children”.

During Mass in the Sistine Chapel, in his sermon, the Pope said that “To educate is very demanding, sometimes hard since our skills as human beings are always limited”. During the celebration and the festivity dedicated to the baptism of the Lord, the Pope has christened 16 infants and reminded those present that “The first and most important way we teach is by bearing witness”. Benedict XVI also emphasized that “A true teacher and educator does not bind people to him or herself, he or she is not possessive”’ and that “The first instrument for education is prayer”.

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