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On a Cold Winter’s Night when Baby Jesus was born – 25th December, 2011 & Video of “AWAY IN A MANGER” sung by Maureen Hegarty

My reflections on Christmas Eve

We have Mary and Joseph travelling to Bethlehem for the sensus. Mary very heavily pregnant and travelling on a donkey. Those days they did not have tarred roads like we do have now. So, can you imagine the discomfort of travelling on a donkey while Mary was very heavily pregnant. Joseph was walking all the way and he was taking care of Mary. They would have been travelling for a while and then resting for a break – to have a meal for sustenance and also to give the donkey some food, water and rest.

They reach Bethlehem and there is no room for them to rest. How do you think they were feeling? Joseph knocked on every inn and there was no room. It was time for Mary to give birth to Baby Jesus. Mary was tired. She needed rest and she needed a place to give birth to her baby, Jesus. Maybe, Joseph was tense. He had to take care of Mary and he needs a place for Jesus to be born. They were tired, hungry, dusty and there was no room in any inn.

Let us ask ourselves some questions?

1. I wonder what Mary was feeling?
2. I wonder how desperate Joseph was, trying to find a place for them to
3. Was she in pain – travelling all that distance on a donkey?
4. And now, there was no room in any inn? What was Mary and Joseph
5. Was the donkey important? Maybe if it knew whom it was carrying? A
donkey is an animal of burden but it willingly carries the burden.
6. If the innkeeper knew who he was turning down, would he have turned St
Joseph down. I am sure he would have made room somewhere in the inn
for the King of Kings to be born.
7. Did the person who allowed Mary and Joseph to use the stable know to
whom she was being hospitable and would she have given them some room
in her home instead of allowing these humans to share a stable with
lowly animals?
8. Did the animals know who was going to be born in the Stable and with whom they were going to share their humble accommodation? If they knew and if they could talk, what would they be saying to each other and what would they have said to the Holy Family. One thing for sure I know, they were giving warmth to Mary, Joseph and to Baby Jesus.

Let us think deeply and reflect. Which character do I identify with. Do I need to change my attitude? Do I grumble and groan when things do go wrong or do I look on the brighter side of things. Am I happy and contented? Am I willing to accept God’s Holy Will even if it does cause me pain, anxiety and discomfort and sometimes calls for total sacrifice of oneself?

Let us think deeply and let us wait in great anticipation for the Our Saviour to be born in the stable. Tonight we will all be transported back into time where we will be in the presence of the Holy Family. We will be face to face with them and we will be in the Glory of the New Born King whom King Herod feared. But we will go there to meet Our King who is born to take away the sins of the world – to take away my sins – to take away our sins. Let us make Him King in our lives, our hearts, our homes, our parish, our state, our country and of the Whole Wide World. Tonight 25th December, there will be rejoicing among the Angels and Saints in Heaven and among us all on earth. In fact, I am sure tonight, 25th December, Heaven and Earth would become One. Alleluia! Alleluia! Maranatha! Maranatha! Come Lord Jesus, Come!


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