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12/21/2011 Pope Benedict XVI: “May Christmas never lose its religious meaning” – Vatican Insider 22 December, 2011

During today’s General Audience the Pope spoke about the Infant Jesus’ birth
vatican insider staff

Let us ensure that Christmas does not lose its deep religious meaning and may the celebration not be absorbed by the external aspect. External signs are definitely important” as long as “they help us to experience Christmas in its truest expression, which is a sacred and Christian expression.”

Benedict XVI reminded his audience that “the Christmas liturgy brings us closer to the great mystery of the incarnation. God himself came to live among us.” “This birth permeates all history and is still part of today’s
reality,” Pope Benedict XVI said, stressing that “Christmas renews the certainty that God is really present among us; he is close to us. And we can meet him today in an everlasting present.”

The Pope observed that “contemporary man is finding it increasingly harder to open up horizons and enter God’s world,” but “the events of the salvation are always current, they concern all humans and God gives each of us the possibility to recognise this.”

Benedict XVI expressed a wish to his audience: “I hope that you will celebrate a truly Christian Christmas, so that even the exchange of wishes becomes a way to express God’s closeness.”


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