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12/18/2011 Benedict XVI: ‘A wise man does not doubt before God’ – VATICAN INSIDER – 19 December, 2011

12/18/2011 Benedict XVI: ‘A wise man does not doubt before God’

Benedict XVI during the Angelus
During the Angelus, the Pope reflected upon the spiritual meaning of Mary’s virginity and the divinity of Jesus
vatican insider staff

‘The fact that Mary conceives while remaining a virgin is fundamental to our understanding of Jesus and our faith’ and the ‘spiritual meaning’ of her virginity ‘touches every Christian.’ These were the Pope’s words during the Angelus recited at the window of his study looking out onto St. Peter’s Square, following his return from a visit to Rome’s Rebibbia prison.

‘The human being that begins to grow in her womb,’ said Benedict XVI, ‘takes on Mary’s flesh and blood but his existence completely derives from God. He is entirely man, made of earth – to use biblical symbolism – but he comes from on high, from Heaven. The fact that Mary conceives whilst remaining a virgin,’ he added, ‘is therefore fundamental to our understanding of Jesus and to our faith, because it shows how the source of the event was God and, above all, it reveals who the conceived one was: Mary’s virginity and Jesus’ divinity reciprocally guarantee each other.’

Pope Ratzinger then reflected on Mary’s question when she asked how she could have possibly conceived without having had sexual intercourse. The Pope said: ‘Mary is truly wise: she doesn’t doubt the power of God, but wants to understand His will better so as to follow His wishes more completely. Mary is infinitely smaller than this mystery, and yet she carries out the role assigned to her, at the heart of this mystery, perfectly. Her heart and mind are completely humble and thanks to this extraordinary humility… God expects the assent of this young girl in order to carry out his plan.’

The Pope ended by saying: ‘Dear friends, Mary’s virginity is unique and unrepeatable, but its spiritual meaning touches each and every Christian. In essence, it is tied to our faith. Indeed, those who deeply trust in God’s love allow Jesus and his divine life to enter their lives, through the Holy Spirit. This is the mystery of Christmas! I hope you will all experience it with the deepest joy.’

Ratzinger ended by remembering the victims of the typhoon that has devastated the Philippines. ‘I would like to express my sympathy for the people of the southern Philippines devastated by a violent tropical storm. I will pray for the victims, many of whom are children, for the homeless and the many people missing.’ So far there have been over 500 confirmed victims of the typhoon. Earlier, Benedict XVI had referred to the fact that 22 missionaries killed in Spain in 1936 ‘just because they were zealous in spreading the gospel,’ were beatified in Madrid yesterday.


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